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Use Y for YouTube instead of Yahoo

  • I dislike Google/Youtube as much as you do.. but as long as you dont have a good alternative to Youtube please stop directing me to Yahoos search engine when I press "Y" "enter" to get to Youtube quick (my most used webpage). I havent used your search engine since the adress was and the long name alone was a good reason to not use it. I know you do this on purpose but its really annoying please stop it.

    I also had to agree on alot of stupid terms to register an account here so what I will do when I open up my mail is that I will block every mail from yahoo and report you as spam. Thank you.

  • @flurrfjant Here when I type Y in address bar, Opera autocompletes to, as well as show the site as the first suggestion in the drop down list.

  • @leocg Yes, it does for me too; most of the time. But every now and then.. a few times every week Operas autocomplete give me the link to Yahoo instead of Youtube and that is strange. After that I manually have to write in and it works again for a while and then the process repeat itself. I explained that poorly and thanks for clearing stuff up. There is no reason for this to happen so I can only assume that Opera is doing this on purpose with the goal to get more traffic to Yahoo. (99,9% bounce must be good traffic).

  • @flurrfjant Do you use Yahoo? I don't and I don't remember have seen Opera autocomplete showing when I type Y in address bar.

  • Did you look for Yahoo links among your markers, just in case? I only get a Yahoo suggestion if I press space after the 'y'.
    Anyway, I recommend configuring that key to do a Youtube search. For example, if you type "y music", it will take you to the search results for that word.