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Speed dials missing from address bar

  • When I opened Opera this morning and clicked on the address bar, the speed dial tiles that normally pop up, didn't, they don't show now. Speed dials are still there on a new tab, they just won't show in the address bar. Restarting didn't fix it, and Opera is up to date (65.0.3467.48). Anyone else come across this?

    Further to this, just noticed that the bookmarks flyout menu (when clicking on the bookmarks icon on the left-hand menu bar) has problems with the bookmarks in my bookmarks bar. The icons are correct, but most of the site titles are listed as "unknown" and many of the URLs show up as just the domain extension, eg "" instead of the full URL. Hovering over them shows the full URL and clicking them works correctly, just they are displaying incorrectly. Note that the speed dials and "Other bookmarks" all display correctly, with website titles and URLs listed correctly.

    It looks like there were some updates yesterday that broke some things...

  • Ok, seems other people were having trouble with the new bookmarks panel or just didn't like how it works, disabling it puts it back to how it worked before, go to opera://flags/#bookmarks-panel and set to disable.

  • I tried this solution but the drop-down speed-dial menu is still missing from the address bar. Any suggestions? Can't seem to find similar problem anywhere else. (Using Mac OS)

  • @ledsalesoz The address bar has been redesigned and the feature that made the speed dials appear were removed.

  • @leocg Thanks for that, didn't realise they had deliberately removed them, that's pretty annoying I have to say. I wish all browser manufacturers would stop changing things just for the sake of it or to be seen as cutting edge, when those changes are a step backwards.

    My partner has recently dumped Opera and gone back to firefox because of compatibility issues with some sites (her South African net banking simply wouldn't work in Opera) and I have to say, if they keep messing with the interface, I might do the same.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @ledsalesoz This may not apply, but since they put the Privacy button (that has the "Turn off tracking for this site) in the address bar, I have had a few web pages that will not allow me to login and some that will not show the icon that displays the little "I Am Not A Robot" reCaptcha, and thus I cannot login in.