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  • Ref Opera Version: 65.0.3467.42
    Having installed the above addon, configured and trimmed in Opera Settings. PDF docs are showing perfect, no complaint so far.
    However when importing a pdf doc from web Opera also show the down load window.
    Despite of not having activated the trigger in "Privacy and security>PDF-Document" the download window still pops up. Opera_1.jpg
    Have tested both options, the download window is still there. Is this we call a bug ??

  • @erik_s So you've installed something that Opera already has?; Or I am missing something?

    Regarding the download dialogue showing up, does it happens with any PDF on any site? Sometimes the page sends the incorrect information, so Opera can't identify the file as a PDF.

  • As said, Opera already has the Chromium PDF Viewer extension installed by default. It's a hidden component extension. You can launch Opera with the --show-component-extension-options switch to see it in opera://extensions. Or, you can just go to the URL chrome-extension://mhjfbmdgcfjbbpaeojofohoefgiehjai/manifest.json to see that it's there.

    Are you indeed saying that you installed the extension again? If so, where'd you get it from? Did you get the source, build it and install it as an unpacked user extension with a higher version number and same key to override the internal one? If so, that won't even work properly as the user-install one won't have all the permissions it needs.

    Anyway, if you indeed have an extra one in there listed in opera://extensions, you need to remove it just in case it interferes with the original.

  • Thanks so far.
    Ref version.
    After auto update Opera didn't show any traces of PDF in setup. That's why I had to install new pdf addon.
    Secondly the update killed Opera password bank.
    Luckily I had a week old recovery to fix that.
    It seems that the short frequency of new versions of Opera may cause a lack of quality control ??
    I've used Opera for 20+ years, and I think I know the app.

  • Opera 65.0.3467.48 (the latest at the moment) has a built-in PDF viewer. No need to install one yourself. When going to for example with "Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Opera" disabled in opera://settings/content/pdfDocuments, the PDF is opened in Opera just fine and doesn't pop up a download dialog.

    If Opera's not behaving that way for you, there's something wrong with your setup. I'd first uninstall Opera while keeping your data and reinstall it from Then, I'd work on trying to fix things with your profile. Uninstall any extra PDF viewer extensions you have as you don't need them. Then, if you still have the download dialog issue, we'd need a link to the pdf that triggers it. If then we can't reproduce that either, you'll probably have to reset Opera's settings or start with a new profile. To reset Opera's settings, you can goto opera://settings/reset. You'll have to reinstall your extensions though. To start with a new profile, goto the URL opera://about and take note of the "profile" path. Close down Opera and rename the profile folder. Start Opera so it creates a new one and try again to produce the download dialog issue again.

    @erik_s said in Chromium PDF Viewer addon:

    It seems that the short frequency of new versions of Opera may cause a lack of quality control ??

    Yes, it a little bit. You could be just experiencing a bug in Opera. I just can't reproduce it (the lack of PDF viewer or the download pop-up) myself.

  • Hi burnout
    I hear what you say. Sorry to say -
    However I did experienced that ref. version probably didn't update properly. After 50 years (I don't fool you) in IT sphere there is one thing I hate most of all; not having control of any kind of updates. (My fault not to stop auto update as I noticed that autoupdate...exe was removed from the installer folder). It's now set a stop in the Settings.

    The last automatic update did not show up any pdf sections in the Settings, killed my password bank, neutralized automatic storing of new password, neutralized automatic fill in name, addr, etc.
    When installing PDF viewer I was asked what local viewer I used. Typed that. When going into the Settings again, then I found the PDF option. I have one and only one addon. There were no Q's ab double installation !!
    Rollbacking the last recovery; I restored all former misery except of one thing - PDF addon was gone. Then I had to reinstall the addon once again and to my surprise ir works perfect, no download window.
    What actually happened, only heaven knows. What I do know after taking control my system works as I expected.
    (except for one thing JW Player is only working if I play the video in a new tag, never directly from the source tag.