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  • Hi everyone 👋🏼 ,

    i'm on macOS and recently switched to Opera from Firefox.

    Using Opera since version 63 (currently most up-to-date v65).

    Digging around the internet for some hours i couldn't find any recent info concerning my problem... 🤔

    Is there any way to place the tab-close (x) button (displayed in the tab-bar for each tab) on the right-hand side AND NOT like it is default on left-hand side?

    The thing is, it really annoys me and hurts my overall browsing experience of being productive to constantly closing tabs in accident (and reopening them) since tab switching with the mouse went into muscle memory that way (i mean Firefox and Chrome have the close button both placed on the RHS). 😣 😤

    At least there should be an option for the users to decide which position for the tab-close button they'd prefer ...

    maybe I'm also missing something here.

    any suggestions for achieving this would be very much appreciated (it's slowly becoming a PITA). thanks all in advance. 🤗

  • @JayJackGER It's not possible to change the position as far as I know.

  • I know this is old, but all other browsers have the X to close on the right side of the tab, or have the option to switch it. Just coming to Opera this is really, really, annoying. I have to use another browser for work and so all day I am fighting with this.