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[Solved]Opera Mail stopped syncing IMAP accounts

  • Hello

    I'm still using Opera Mail from Opera 12 as a mail client (not to browser, of course) in lack of any good alternative.

    Now my huge issue is this: This morning Opera on Linux stopped syncing my four IMAP accounts. Initial cause of the issue could have been that I probably had run out of disk space for a few seconds.

    Now the thing is that I still can see all my mail, I can search it, I can send mail... but I don't receive any new incoming mails and the "sync" buttons don't provoke any kind of reaction. Just nothing happens. I'm pretty sure the client doesn't even try to sync any mail.

    What I've already tried:

    • Restarting the computer and the client a couple of times
    • Triggering a database check (no errors found)
    • Enable logging (see below)

    Now the thing with the logging seems to confirm my feeling that Opera Mail simply stopped trying do sync anything because there is not even an incoming log created. (Outgoing log is created immediately when I send a mail.)

    What can I do so that Opera starts syncing my mail again?

    I'm hugely dependant on those mailboxes in my personal and professional life and I've experienced in the past that "tampering" with them with other clients like Thunderbird or even the webmail-client of my provider causes unwanted effects e.g. messages go missing, unread messages being marked as read and vice versa. (Also I prefer the simplicity and speed of Opera mail.)

    I'm grateful for any advice!

  • My advice would be to check and make sure the account setup information hasn't been corrupted. If that's okay, try clicking on the arrow next to the Check/Send button (what you're calling the Sync button) and selecting the individual accounts from the dropdown one at a time.

  • @sgunhouse

    I reviewed the account info and they look normal to me. I also tried to change and change back some of it. No effect.

    I tried selecting the individual accounts at a time wit the button you mentioned. The thing is: There is no reaction at all when clicking any of this buttons. Normally I'd see some status bar coming up for a second in the left corner of the windows. But now: nothing.

    My feeling is that we don't face an issue where the client can't connect to the IMAP server due to some problem/corrupted setting. I think it doesn't even try to connect. It's just sitting there doing nothing.

  • Next would be to try to recreate the accounts. Start with one and see if it works. As in, create a new account in the mail client for one of the servers and see if the new account works properly. As they are all IMAP you shouldn't need any of the archives (if it does work) - everything should still be on the servers.

  • Since there's no telling what else is messed up internally in Opera's files now, I'd personally be aggressive and start over (not only with mail, but with global preferences).

    I would export contacts (and feed list if you have feeds). Then, I'd close down Opera and rename the whole .opera profile folder. Then, I'd start Opera up, recreate all the accounts from scratch, import contacts and import the feed list. Then, recustomize. Then, recreate any labels and rules.

    Since you're using IMAP, it'll be mostly simple and you'll know things are right.

  • Thanks for all of your replies!

    Luckily I've found a solution myself by fiddling around:

    1. In the left sidebar where the folders etc. are listed I hovered over the "title" (mail address) of each account. A wrench symbol appears.
    2. After clicking on the wrench symbol, I chose "IMAP folders"
    3. Now this finally seemed to trigger Opera Mail to connect to the IMAP server again (in order to download the list of folders, I guess) because as soon as I did this, my new mail for the said account started to pour in
    4. Repeat 1-3 for the other accounts
    5. Everything seems to work as it did before now. If I click on the Check/Send button I also have the status bar appearing again

    I'm very happy that this could be sorted out because I'm dangerously dependant on this stuff working... 😉