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New Opera 64.0.3417.54 problem with F-secure Browsing protection at search

  • Dear ladies and gentlemen, with the latest version of the opera 64, I have problems. I use Chrome extensions for Opera Browser and F-Secure Browsing protection which can be evaluated on the google search web pages! On the first open tab google search works without a lane but if I open a new tab by speed-dial so google search once again funny way my f-secure browsing extension does not work on the google search. I've tried everything install deinstall the Opera but nothing led to success. At the end I switched the vorversion opera 63.0.3368.107x64 bit and now everything works as desired wonderfully however autoupdate.exe switched off. There are no ifs and buts a problem on the new version of the Opera 64.0.3417.54_setup_X64 bit. I ask you politely to eliminate this technical problem immediately.

  • @sigsauer Did you enable the option to allow extensions on search engines?

  • Are you talking about this extension Did you install it manually or was it installed automatically when you installed F-Secure?

    Also, how exactly are you searching Google? Are you typing a search term in the address field or are you going to and searching via the web page or are you using the Google search field on the Speed Dial page?

    At the URL opera://extensions/?id=jmjjnhpacphpjmnnlnccpfmhkcloaade, do you have "Allow access to search page results" enabled for the extension?

    Does the extension require that the F-secure program from is installed for it to work?

  • @leocg Yes, unfortunately, this could not contribute to the solution.

  • @burnout426 Yes, this extension is I have installed these manually. Mind you, always do it and work well! For 3 years with this method with any version of the opera used so far in concrete terms until the latest Opera 64 experienced no problems! On my PC F-Secure Safe is installed. I have anxiously installed the above extension of Chrome store as before and allowed!

    I give a search term on then it starts this o.g. extension does its job. As I said on the homepage of bowser is the address was specified. Funny way it works without problems! however, if I open a new search eg through speed-dial then this will not work anymore! If I'm doing everything wrong why all first open search but not working on a new tabs anymore! problematic began with the latest version of the Opera. I have a vorversion specifically said opera 63 installed everything works fine.

  • Okay. I have F-Secure Safe installed (free trial) on Windows 10. It automatically installed the extension in Chrome. I tested it on and In the search results next to each result, I see a green check saying that the link is secure.

    Now, for Opera, F-Secure Safe doesn't automatically install the extension. I had to go to the link and install it myself. I do so and allowed the extension to access search page results. However, no matter what I try, I don't get any green checks on Google and Yahoo search page results. It's as if the extension isn't really working in Opera.

    Just for kicks, I uninstalled the extension in Opera and switched to developer mode in opera://extensions and chose to load the unpacked version of the extension from Chrome's profile folder (that F-Secure placed there). Onload of the extension that way, there's an error:

    Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check
    Stack Trace
    background.js:142 (sendHttpsscanQuery)

    The function in question is:

    function sendHttpsscanQuery(scanQuery, async, asyncFunc) {
        asyncFunc = asyncFunc || null;
        if (cooldown) {
            return null;
        try {
            var srvurl = FS_SERVICE_URL + "/httpsscan";
            var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
  "POST", srvurl, async);
            xhr.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/plain");
            var content = JSON.stringify(scanQuery);
            log.debug("Sending " + content + " to: " + srvurl);
            if (async === true && asyncFunc !== null) {
                xhr.onreadystatechange = function() {
            return xhr;
        } catch (e) {
            log.debug("Cooldown for " + cooldownInterval + "ms");
            cooldown = true;
            setTimeout(function () {
                cooldown = false;
                log.debug("Cooldown over");
            }, cooldownInterval);
            if (cooldownInterval < FS_COOLDOWN_MAX) {
                cooldownInterval *= 2;
        return null;

    and line 142 in the error is the line.

    That was all in Opera 64. I tried Opera 63 and Opera 58 and Opera 66. All had the same results. The extension doesn't work.


  • @burnout426 Thank you very much for all your effort and commitment. On Opera 63 works fine in my case. As already denied the old versions of Opera. I have not experienced any problems. Incidentally, even with Opera 64 it works but as already explained google search only once on first opened tabs I can not understand but on a new tabs again google search this time does not work anymore.
    Regrettably, this technical problematic is undoubtedly the latest version of the opera 64, as you have already tried! I just do not know what was changed in the Opera 64 as changelog, which has caused this problem. Apparently there is a serious compability problem between Opera 64 and F-Secure Browsing Protection. I hope on the next Opera 64 buildingXYz this problem will be overcome. I wish you all the best.

    PS: I wrote this text in german using the google translate.

  • Try this. Download the Opera 64 installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera Test" on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation", uncheck "import data from default browser" and install. In that Opera, add the extension and see how it works there. Don't install any other extensions and don't enable Opera Sync there.

    Any difference?

  • @burnout426 Why didn't you try it on other old opera versions? Read option 4) you didn't click there!

    1. Install Chrome Extensions manual for Opera

    2. Install Browsing Protection by F-Secure

    3. F-Secure safe trial install

    Notice Here!

    1. Opera: // Open extensions.
      Browsing Protection by F-Secure

    Click '' Allow access to search page results ''. search page Opera 63 and older versions you'll see that works smoothly! As I mentioned, opera 64 also only works when you first google search, which is strange when a new tab opens google search does not work!?!

  • @sigsauer said in New Opera 64.0.3417.54 problem with F-secure Browsing protection at search:

    Why didn't you try it on other old opera versions?

    At the bottom of this comment I mentioned that I tried things in 58, 63 and 66. I also mentioned (higher up in that post) there that I allowed the extension access to search page results.

  • @burnout426 Thank you for your recent suggestion but will not follow. Until Opera Browser appears in a normal way a new version, I stay with the Opera 63 so I can live and tolerate until then. Thanks again for your effort.

  • It's up to you of course. It would just rule out issues with your profile, if any.

  • @burnout426 There are 5 PCs and Notebooks in the house, all of which have F-Secure Safe installed and Browsing Protection by F-secure plug-in installed and all versions of Opera are running smoothly except for 64! If the installation is still in progress, search and not others, for example, try or suddenly will be working.

    To summarize, I have tried all of the other versions of Opera 64 related to this technical problem one by one and there is no problem.

  • @burnout426 From my point of view, I consider this problem as settled. Thank you for everything.

  • This post is deleted!
  • This post is deleted!
  • @leocg After my several attempts, I finally discovered that this issue causes speed-dial, even if I open a new tab myself and even type the text so works with the above extensions without any problems, but probably when I google. search via speed-dial open does not work with extensions. This all proves Opera 64 has a serious problem speed-dial Unfortunately, speed dial for whatever reason has been destabilized and causes these unpleasant problems! I hope the tech. Attention specialists and responsible people of Opera and speed-dial in order.

  • I don't think it'll help, but pass this switch to Opera's launcher.exe when you start Opera to see if there's any difference.