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Opera 64 "Save as" opening instead of Internet Download Mgr

  • Thanks. Those don't seem to be it. Each file is different, but examples are not something I'd want to post on a public site. I've got IDM looking into it too. I just wondered if there's a Save As setting, like their used to be as I recall (accessible in Windows settings)

  • Could be a change in Chromium that caused a difference.

  • Probably not. The changelog shows last Chromium update on Sept 26, while this started with the Win 10 and O64 updates on Oct 8.

  • @genegold said in Opera 64 "Save as" opening instead of Internet Download Mgr:

    Each file is different, but examples are not something I'd want to post on a public site.

    You can pm me a link if you want. There's nothing that's going to bother/shock me and I don't judge.

  • @genegold Did you try to reinstall the IDM extension?

  • @leocg Yes, but I don't think it's related. This is a matter of a link on a multi-host provider site no longer opening IDM, even though IDM's settings says it should (and did previously). That's different than using the IDM extension(s) to download from a website, such as a streaming YouTube video or podcast.

  • You could hit ctrl + shift + i to load developer tools for the page and switch to the console to see if there are any errors for the IDM extension. Or, you could switch to the network tab, check "disable cache", reload the page and click one of the links to download and then check the headers of the download to check the content-type and content-disposition headers to make sure they're correct. Or, if you at least see what the headers are, maybe you can recreate the issue on a test site or something.

    Can you download Opera 63, launch it, click "options" and do a standalone installation to a folder and test things there to confirm that 63 still works fine?

  • I'll leave that to IDM. There are two IDM extensions for Opera I installed or reinstalled this morning, one is "Download with IDM" and the other is "Open with IDM." I hadn't heard of the latter and haven't figured out its purpose yet. In any case, after reinstalling the first, I'm now getting both Opera's Save As and IDM's download download box opening at the same time. I guess that says something, but I'm not sure what.

  • I dragged IDMGCExt.crx from IDM's installation directory into Opera to install the extension. IDM wasn't installing it in Opera for me, so I looked up how to do it and that's what I found. It's just called "IDM Integration Module" in opera://extensions.

  • The Download with IDM extention is the Integration Module, I believe. Or at least with my mouse over the extension, it says Integrated is Enabled.

    Follow up: I see now that there is a separate Integration Module, which I had before, but it's the one I mention above that's getting the IDM box to come up (along with the Opera Save As one).

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