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  • Hi there, In this update we are introducing technical and usability improvements to the start page experience. The new start page is faster than ever. It loads instantly when you open a new tab, even if you already have a lot of tabs open in that session. Interaction on the start page is also improved,…

    Read full blog post: Opera 65.0.3466.0 developer update

    1. Speed Dial favicon show slowly when we opening start page.
    2. Open any bookmark from the bookmark bar - focus is on adress bar, that's a bug.
  • I like the new start page feature (I remember there was an similar attempt related to flicker-buster flag). It works almost like in Opera 58 now.
    Some notices:

    1. While new tab loads I see a quick empty fav icon transforming to sd icon. In private window it looks correctly (fav icon is stable)
    2. Do you plan to implement similar feature to exclude the flash when opening sd tiles/bookmarks while on start page?
  • Where's Quick Access option!???
    I can't find 'enhanced address bar' flag too.

    *Instead of making it compatible with the new reborn3 dropdown you've removed the whole feature??

    Look at this. I have opened a bookmark from the bookmark bar and the focus is on adress bar (not on the page inself).

  • While new tab loads I see a quick empty fav icon transforming to sd icon.
    Yeah, I noticed that also.

  • Scrolling on the Settings pages still stops working.

  • This sabotage! Where quick access from the address bar ??

  • @andrew84:
    About flicker-buster:
    the way this feature worked was to present screenshot of a start page, while waiting for the actual start page content to load. It worked well in case of fast compter where the color flash was annoying but short. But in the case of slow or heavily loaded machine it resulted in "seeing startpage but not being able to perform any actions" - thus very bad user experience. The advantage of the feature we are introducing Today, is loading startpage and making it usable instantly even on slow or heavily loaded machine.

    About navigating out of the start page:
    we are definitely thinking about options here. To understand it, let me try to explain why the flash appears in the first place. In nutshell, this is how chromium works, navigation means switching to new render process for the page we are trying to load. Until the new renderer produces first picture, some static color is shown. There are different strategies for picking which color to show, but in the described case background color of the previous page / start page is shown. As first option, we can keep showing start page until new page loads, but this requires careful UX design as slow page load could be mistaken with start page slowly reacting to clicking on the tile. As second option we can show theme color instead of start page average background color as we do Today. This is what other browsers do and it doesn't look that bad.

  • @andrew84 said:

    Scrolling on the Settings pages still stops working.


  • @wladek: Thank you for the explanation.
    I can add that I'm using O58 currently and I don't see any colorful flashes while navigating out of the start page.
    If this is some updated chromium's issue, I'd prefer to see a color that equals the color of the background of the page that is being opened (for this blog page it will be white flash, for Steam page it will be navy color flash, for dark themed youtube it will be dark gray and etc.) if it's technically possible.

  • Printing dialog looks strange (too small window and option's text is also too small and unclear)

  • There's a problem with the downloads icon - it shows not immediately after browser restart, but after some time.
    Look at this gif:
    Can anyone confirm that?

  • @eugene-b said in Opera 65.0.3466.0 developer update:

    Can anyone confirm that?

    I can.

  • The quick access menu is gone.

  • Enhance your pop-out video, it's lacking compared to Yandex

  • @kened said:

    The quick access menu is gone.

    Apparently they just decided to get rid of it, as recently it worked not correctly and they are tired of dealing with it and torturing users!

  • @temkem It worked fine here (there was some issues with portable Opera verson). The old dropdown was more functional, it had a choice of search engines at the bottom2019-10-09_134503.png
    The continue killing useful features instead of improving them. Better get rid of crypto wallets and other similar stuff.

  • Scrolling with the mouse wheel in "Settings" does not work correctly, hangs.

  • @temkem: If they kill this feature, I'll stop using Opera.