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[Solved]Some wallpapers are not really added resp. are zip-files

  • Hello, folks,

    some wallpapers like "Wallpaper with a Pattern" ( or "style snowflake" ( cannot really be added resp. nothing changes after you have added them.

    If I save such a wallpaper as linked content, I get a zip file. But I don’t know what to do with the zip-file or how to integrate it into Opera so that this wallpaper has an effect.

    Who knows advice or can help?


  • @ransom
    They are very old.
    Some settings has been changed so wont work.

    I've seen they have icons also, I remember that for Presto, not for Chromium.

    The wallpaper itself would be find on GImages, the rest don't know if would be applied, but I suppose not.

    Maybe in the future they allow changing icons also.

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  • Hi zalex108,

    They are very old.

    Then why are they still on Opera’s add-on list? And: Can’t this kind of add-ons (zip-file) still be included today?


  • @ransom

    I suppose they needs to be reported and updated, or retired.
    At the other side, many Devs are complaining about the delay on accept their extensions, so, why are incompatible themes still there?

    • No reported
    • Not enough employees
    • No time

    I don't know.

    About to be a .zip file, current themes are packed as .zip, just try/download one of the newest.

    Despite that, the personas.ini file seems to be different, you can edit it or download the wallpaper using search by image in Google or others.

    You can report those themes as obsolete/no working and ask for an update to their Dev or to Opera Devs to inform their Dev.

    I don't know any other options.

  • @ransom As far as I know, themes are still zip files but the requirements of what's on it has changed.

  • In fact, if you choose an image as a speed dial background, Opera will create a zip file containing the selected image.

  • Hello folks,

    based on your feedback I have tried different versions of Opera in a VirtualBox. The two wallpapers "style snowflake" and "Wallpaper with a Pattern" can be installed up to version 62.0.3331.99 of July 24, 2019, from the first 63er version – i.e. version 63.0.3368.35 of August 20, 2019 – this is no longer possible.

    I have now installed Opera 62.0.3331.99 and "switched off" the update function to be able to install the (in my eyes very nice) wallpaper "Wallpaper with a Pattern".

    I have only recently started using Opera as a second browser. What I don’t understand is that there are only two different themes – "light" and "dark". This is very spartan and really unsatisfactory. Even though there are many wallpapers for Opera, they are not themes by no means. With Chrome you can use countless themes, even with Edge you can use themes from Chrome. I see an urgent need for improvement in the treatment of themes in Opera!


  • Ups! 😊 🙄

    Then, is not too old! 😅
    😃 😁

    Just rereading...

    I've adressed you to use "Search by Image" but you can extract the image file from the .Zip and then use it as Wallpaper right from Opera's settings.

    About the broken themes, poke the Dev and give that info about the problem between versions.

    About the suggestion, add it to the Requests subforum, maybe Opera considers it in case of many users supports the idea.

  • @ransom Here are the 2 wallpapers you mentioned repackaged for latest Opera. Once downloaded, click the Easy-setup button in Opera, click "add wallpaper", change the type in the dialog to "zip" and point it to the zip file.

    Then, you can make sure your Opera is upgraded to the latest version so you're not using an outdated, potentially-unsafe version.

  • Hello burnout426,

    that’s a really pleasant surprise. I downloaded the wallpapers you adapted from your media center and inserted one of them into the current version of Opera as described by you. It worked wonderfully. Thanks a lot!

    Friendly greetings