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Search engine in wrong language.

  • Default Google search is in the wrong language, (it's not .com and it's not even in English), and there is no way to change it manually. After having some problems with Chrome, and not wanting to use IE, I decided to give Opera a try. Looks like it was a waste. I mean how stupid do the developers of software have to be to lock to a default search engine in a language lots of potential users will not understand. I realize that it is location based, but since I live in a country with more than one official language, you might realize how stupid that system is. You also alienate all people who travel often, and basically all minorities. Thanks for nothing Opera.

  • Of course as well all people who prefer .com version of google search...

  • Open "Local State" on a text editor and change those lines:

    location": {
          "country": "br",
          "country_from_server": "BR",

    Change the country code to the one you want.

  • That sounds awful. I assume in Settings, you have your User Interface language as English.

    I don't know if the thread below helps, but it relates to changing your geographic location for purposes of Google from google france to google-usa. Perhaps if the geographic location is changed to an English speaking country, and where our searches are .com (for Google), it would work out.

    Your profile is easy to find. It's you click About Opera in your Opera menu, you can find the location. The folder Opera Stable is your Opera profile. If you do text editing, make sure to have Opera closed first.

  • Thanks for the solution, but it shouldn't have to be done this way. It should be a basic option in the menus. In fact it shouldn't be an issue in the first place. Just shows to me how "great" Opera is, and I bet this wouldn't be the last problem I would have, and since I'm not advanced in technical matters (like most people) enough to figure out stuff like editing "Local State" file by myself, and I don't want to be asking for help every time something goes wrong, I will be avoiding this browser for now.

    As for the Opera developers. Sort your sh*t out. You are losing users, with BS like this!

  • And it's a pity, because the browser is faster than Firefox, and I did like the look of the speed dial.

  • @newsuserlostalready

    You have to choose what's fundamentally important to you. Now if it were my choice, I'd go with Speed, and you say you liked the look of that Speed Dial. Damn ;)) It's the best Speed Dial on the planet (where you can create folders for each speed dial position, by dragging one bookmark/thumbnail on top of another). It's polished and artsy (where you easily can add wonderful wallpaper, either your own, from Opera, or by right clicking on jpg art anywhere on the internet). And I'd at the least take a longer look at Opera vis-a-vis competing browsers, and wait until I learned a bit on how to make the Opera 22 browser work for me. You know that Opera can make use of any Chrome extension in the Chrome store, and also Opera extensions in the Opera store. That's a nice universe of possibilities. What I'd urge is that after you played for a while with the browser, then see what your gut tells you

    In the past year, Opera changed browser engine from Presto to Blink. So the entire browser is in the process of being reprogrammed. Certainly there are pieces still to be done -- like that language issue with Google. Now you say Opera is losing users . . . I would say that hasty deciders may well be losers. 😉 You know the saying: decide in haste, repent at leisure.

    In any event, so sorry you're unhappy, and best of luck with whatever browser you do choose.

  • @lem729

    That's an intelligent and respectful response. I appreciate it. Sorry if I may have overreacted a bit about the issue, but I get upset easily about these kind of things.

    However since I will be reinstalling my OS, downgrading back to windows 7 (can't stand win 8, it frustrates the hell out of me), I might give Opera another go then.

  • Good luck on the change of Operating system. And look if you try Opera again, you will will no doubt find, as you do have reason to suspect, some things that frustrate you -- partly because the Opera developer is reprogramming an entirely new browser engine, is only a year down the road of that, and there are huge competing priorities on what to focus on first. (In that sense Opera is in a totally different situation than all of the major browsers). While it's a enormous undertaking, my personal view is that right now, even without all the pieces in place, it's terrific, and a helluva lot of fun. And I have all of the competing browsers set up on my computer -- Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc. I prefer Opera (as it is right now) to them. But you know what? It took me a month of playing with the browser this winter, and even a good amount of frustration, before I found that my major issues/problems could be solved. Of course there are a few features I definitely still think need to be improved. But I'm very optimistic about the future with Opera, and that they will be.

    Now if you should you try again with Opera 22, and can't figure something out instantly, or are frustrated that something basic doesn't seem there, relax a bit. Post the problem, and people here in the forum will try to help you. And if it doesn't work, and you go somewhere else, that's fine too. The important thing is that you find what you like.

    For now, focus on that Operating System change. I use Windows 7 myself -- and I think it's great. I must admit, I'm very leery about Windows 8 🙂

  • I installed Opera and it seemed good but I was running my VPN at that moment. Then with the VPN disabled, it redefined itself into Chinese, changing everything including the speed dial sites. I fought it for a couple of hours, looking for any options to change it back to what it was. I ended up uninstalling it out of frustration. I decided to give it another try and figured I would start by seeing if I could find the answer to that problem. I will follow the advice posted here and hopefully that will get me going. My post is mainly to agree with the other "lost user". Why should the software automatically decide what the user wants? That is something I see more and more and I have no respect for programmers who think we are really so stupid we cannot decide for ourselves. I expect that Opera has lost MANY users because not only is this a problem, but there is nothing I could find on the web besides a FAQ. I had to search for Opera forums to find this one!!