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[Solved]Syncing Speed Dial Across Windows Computers

  • I have a new Windows laptop. I log into Opera with my Opera account and I can see on the laptop my existing desktop machine's opera speed dial under Bookmarks/Other Speed Dials/<DesktopComputerName>.

    But I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to make the Speed Dial on this new computer be populated with the contents of the other machine's speed dial.

    Why oh why is this so complicated? Or impossible?

    I was able to make my desktop Speed Dial on the desktop machine the default speed dial on my Android phone without too much trouble.

    Help, please.

    Using Version:63.0.3368.53

  • Actually, you can copy them from "Other speed dials" but you can't sync them directly. Many people have Opera on several machines (say, home and work) and want different speed dials on different machines. There is a feature request for a way to actually sync them; add your support to that request.

  • How do you copy them? I've tried various obvious techniques to no success.

  • @mike321321 Go to the bookmarks page and copy them from there.

  • Thanks but... what do you mean by "the bookmarks page"?

    I click on the heart, and I get the book marks "sidebar". I drill down to "other speed dials". I drill down to the desired speed dial from the other computer. There is no available copy function.

    Right click on the <DesktopMachineName> and I have 'edit' and 'remove device folder' options.

    I see no option to copy anything.

  • @mike321321 OK, I finally figured it out. For anyone else who is having this problem.

    1. Drill down in heart (bookmarks) to Bookmarks sidebar.
    2. Select Other Speed Dials
    3. Select the remote speed dial collection.
    4. Right click on an empty space in the speed dial collection, to get four item menu with 1. new folder 2. sort alphabetically 3. paste. 4 select all. Choose Select All.
    5. Now move your mouse/pointer over the selected site icons, and right click again. ONLY THEN will you see seven item drop down menu, with a "copy" option. Select it.
    6. Now go to your current speed dial, delete anything you don't want there, and paste the other machine's speed dial contents.

    You will still have to maintain the two collections separately, of course.

    Now as a philosophical matter, this is crazy. While I imagine that a few people want to have separate link collections for different machines, most of us surely want to have access to a common set of links on any device we log into. Surely. Just because I'm at work, that doesn't mean I'm not interested in the things I'm interested in at home. Just because I'm at home, that doesn't mean there aren't some work links I need quickly. This is just a badly thought out way of managing links.

    It's too bad because it's a pretty implementation and Opera is generally a pleasure to use.