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  • A little while ago when using Opera VPN this message comes up:

    No internet
    No internet


    When Opera's VPN is turned off, everything works fine again.

    What's happening?

  • I'm using Windows 7.
    VPN hasn't worked in months and doesn't change when Opera is updated.
    I was using it just fine then the next day when I turned on my machine the VPN stopped working and turning it off and on again or changing the virtual location doesn't work either.
    I've no idea how to fix it and if it doesn't work then there's no point even using Opera.
    I'm using version: 62.0.3331.99

  • Opera is connecting to the VPN?

  • Opera Version:62.0.3331.116, Data issue
    Been having this problem all day now with Ubuntu 18.04.
    Opera works/runs fine until I turn on Opera VPN. When VPN is turned on I keep getting this page below. This message below comes up when all 5 county regions are selected. Nothing works. All sites visited refuse to open.
    When VPN is turned off, all sites visited work and load again fine.
    Yesterday Opera VPN was working fine. Today nothing works when using Opera VPN. To use the Internet now I have to keep Opera VPN turned off.

  • Happy to report Opera is working fine today when using Opera VPN. Can get on the Internet with no problem. Don't know what happened yesterday when nothing would connect when using VPN in spite of VPN looking to be enabled.

  • The opera vpn is no longer working for me, The cause seems to be the a records for the have been deleted.

    All of them fail to resolve to an ip address


  • I just installed the browser and tried the VPN however all that happens is it saying it's "temporarily unavailable" and hasnt fixed in over 24 hours. I have tried all the solutions provided online such as enabling it through my firewall, reinstalling and many others with none working. I do not have an antivirus blocking it either and am unsure as to what is causing it to be unable to work. It hasn't worked at all since i've had the browser and i dont have any extensions either.

  • @leocg said in Is Opera VPN down?:

    Opera is connecting to the VPN?

    When I turn on VPN is connects and turns blue but when I try and go to any website the VPN turns amber and says "connecting" and "the VPN is unavailable at this time. Opera is resolving the problem"
    I'm using Windows 7 in the UK so no problems with any blocking of VPN use.
    No idea what's going on.