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  • Today I updated Opera to the latest version 64.0.3401.0 ("developer" version)
    And it started lagging literally everywhere - on rendering the pages and even on Opera's own user interface!

    Live streams, e.g. on twitch or youtube became unwatchable, huge lags on video (even at low quality) while sound is fine.

    And it is not my PC or internet, I checked using previous version of Opera (60.0.3255.151) and it runs smoothly without any lags.

    This is frustrating.

  • Lags (runs slow), stalls, or stutters? I know you said lag, but then your description sounds more like a stall (gets hung up for short periods) or stutter (doesn't get hung up, but not smooth).

  • @sgunhouse
    pages (and streams) stutter then stall, then stutter then stall and so on

    UI in Opera runs slow, sometimes I can even glimpse new elements rendered over previous ones

  • Opera became so unusable I am forced to move to Chrome which works fine.

    Why would you ruin last decent portable browser?

    My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.