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Visual indication that opened page was updated

  • Hello,

    I use Opera (for Windows, mobile ... and even for the WII) for quite some time.
    Some interesting features are no longer available in recent versions:

    • a visual indication that allows us to see tabs that have not been opened (when we click on a link for example), on older versions tabs that had not been opened had a mark like a point or a corner to collapse ... Today no marker exists to see the tabs that have not been opened.
    • the sidebar, since version 60. X has two choices: display everywhere or nowhere, whereas before it was always displayed only the quick access tab. Why not put it back, personally I like this bar to access with my favorites but I would like to see it only on the quick access and not on all pages.

    Well, I have long hesitated to go from version 58. X to 60. X because of the last point and more generally because of the smoother design and more bluish colors but that's not important. If in the future we could customize the smallest detail (color, shape, ....) of the browser in the manner of customization options browser Vivaldi sa would be great.

    Thank you for taking time for this message and dedication to Tengbo from the Opera team on Twitter.

    PS: If you have trouble reading this message it's because I'm French and I apologize for any possible fault that I could have done.

  • Agreed.

    Also add to old functions that are great but still missing:

    • Tab stacking!
    • Note field in the bookmark section (SO many comments of mine have been lost from the old bookmarks...)
    • It is very cumbersome to organise the bookmarks. Not possible to add 1 page twice in the bookmarks quickly (since it would apply to 2 topics)
    • Separate Notes function which can sync to the other Opera browsers as well (would love to have this back, but also for the Opera Mobile browser (wasn't there before either)
  • Should have started your own thread(s), there should be only one request per thread so people can easily say "I'd like that too" instead of having to say "I'd like this one too, but don't care about these others and would dislike that one".

  • Fixed a translation error:
    quick access to replace with speed dial

  • @sgunhouse Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the tread. Feel free to delete my post(s).
    Just wanted to add my voice that there are quite a number of features which are missing which have been really good. The "read" tabs being just one of them.

    1. I missed in-built email client where can I manage multiple accounts. It's best productivity feature which I miss alot.

    2. Set a master password for the browser, which is one the best security and privacy feature we have.

  • @iamrishishah Totally unrelated to this topic, so please open a new one to ask for those features.

  • @warzcube said in Visual indication that opened page was updated:

    a visual indication that allows us to see tabs that have not been opened

    Vivaldi has this under Settings -> Tabs. The setting is called "Use unread indicators". Check it out to see how it could work in Opera.