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  • How to increase history length?

  • @skwara Meaning...?

  • I want to increase the number of webpages saved in my history.

  • @skwara As far as I know, history is limited to 90 days and it can't be changed.

  • Hopeless browser.

    By the way I have a history only from two days. 😕

  • @skwara I remember have read a topic about history not being shown correctly. Try take a look there.

  • @leocg Not any more. Someone made it mistake: all my history gone and Opera only saves one, maybe two days.

  • Back in the day of presto, I used to disable the history. Then I was forced to have it, then it became useful. Today I went to find something I watched yesterday, only to find out that my history was only from today, and every time I closed a tab, the last history item was removed. I count them and it was about 200 entries.
    I see in the side that it says today, yesterday and older, but it limits to around 200 entries in any case...

    What is the point of limiting history to 200 entries but not letting us disable it at all or having any sort of settings for it???

  • @skoy21 It's obviously a bug and not a deliberate change.

  • @yanta Is it? There is definitely some sort of limitation. On the left side it clearly has the "Today, "Yesterday" and "Older", and I am sure if you check your "older", or simple scroll down, it doesn't go (reasonably) indefinitely.

    Do you have more than 200 entries???

  • @Skoy2 I used to have hundreds of entries. When I searched on Maps, or did my shopping on a website, it gave dozens of entries at a time. To keep my history relevant I removed these by hand, as I did with my google search actions. I regularly removed far over 200 entries at a time. On a Windows desktop that is.

  • @zauberfritz me too, I used to remove entries manually to the point it was painful for my finger clicking the mouse button, but not any more... I only have about 200 entries now, and when I visit a new page, that entry gets on top and the oldest one disappears...

    I deleted and cleared everything to see if it's going to max out again and at what number...

  • @skoy21 There's clearly a bug in the way Opera deals with the settings. First, the history seems to get deleted when you close Opera. Second, when you change some settings about deleting history it even doesn't record anything anymore.

    Funny we did the same thing. My idea was you should be able to remove whole series of entries in batch by website, like remove all entries from, Maps etc. Those are not useful and make Opera slower.

  • @zauberfritz Well, I just counted my history items again... First of all, there is a weird thing going on... I see the history up to a point (about 100-120 items), but if I open one or two grouped items in the history, suddenly more history items become available at the end... But again, limited... I counted about 300 with all grouped items expanded, and as before, every new tab I open, the last history item is removed, which means the number is fixed and I have reached the limit.

    A "select all" and "delete selected" would be greatly appreciated, especially when you search the history for a specific site to remove. As you said, search all, then select all, then delete all selected... It's weird to have to click the X one by one...

    The thing is that, with this limit, history becomes partially useful, or partially useless, depending on the perspective...