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  • Seeing as this is focused on being a "Gaming" browser, it would be ideal to have Discord as an option on the sidebar similar to how it is for Facebook messenger.

    I believe Discord already offers an embedding option which you may be able to use to work with this.

    Excited to see this feature come out if it does.

  • Yes, but not only in Opera GX, also in normal Opera.

  • It is very good but I would like you to put the option for discord in the sidebar, since it is also for gamers and we can talk with our game friends.

  • This post is deleted!
  • I was actually looking for a Discord extension for the Opera sidebar and was pretty surprised when I realised that Opera GX didn't have it.

    But I do understand that out of all the messaging apps I've seen, Discord has to be the most resource-heavy with how many features and things it runs all at once, compared to more medium-weight messengers like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

    I wouldn't be surprised if users got constant crashes with Opera GX if someone decided to implement it, especially with how many times I've noticed Opera GX crashing when I have an excessive amount of tabs opened.

    While I would still love for them to add or attempt it, I wouldn't be surprised if they find it to be more trouble than it's worth. ╮( ̄~ ̄)╭

  • I would also like to see discord added to the side bar. When i'm in game i'm also usually watching something on my second monitor. would be nice t o be able to have a pop up on side bar to know which channel has pinged.

  • This 1000 times over, video pop out along with discord sidebar as a part of the messenger apps would be a nice addition.

  • YES! This would be awesome!

  • I was hoping you guys would add discord, I commonly use to it to do gaming and talk with friends, Would be nice to see it in Opera GX

  • I agree. I was personally thinking a dedicated tab in the Tabs bar for just discord.

  • I agree; kind of odd for a gaming browser to include WhatsApp and FB Messenger integration, but not Discord. Twitch and Discord would seem to be the two most obvious ones to integrate...

    (I know this is a necro-post, but I thought it better than starting a new post to suggest the same thing)

  • Just like the built in Whatsapp/FB Messenger feature, but with Discord.
    (Or at least a Discord WEB Shortcut in Side Bar)

  • @hazza I was just thinking about it!
    Would be perfect.

  • It would be wonderful if Opera GX developers could add Discord to the software.

  • I hope it’ll be, but maybe too much ressources are necessary to implement this service?

  • Discord is constantly running on my windows anyway, so... if I had it integrated in GX and it did required the same resources as normal app, or less, I certainly wouldnt mind.

  • Can you add Discord to sidebar? I think it's been a while since another user asked for this. I think it'd be amazing if u added it.

  • Hello I would like you to put Discord in this wonderful browser since discord is a big part of the players and it would be nice to have the chats there at hand

  • Hello I think it would not be bad to add the discord application
    If as OperaGx tells you it is doable for gamers then Discord would be essential

  • Opera GX is supposed to be designed for gaming, yet does not support one of the most essential gaming apps in the sidebar, Discord. I was happy about the addition of instagram in the recent update, but believe that adding Discord is the most essential app that should be added, and am quite disappointed that my favorite browser that I show my friends does not even serve its main purpose as a gaming browser.