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[Suggestion]Discord to Sidebar

  • Seeing as this is focused on being a "Gaming" browser, it would be ideal to have Discord as an option on the sidebar similar to how it is for Facebook messenger.

    I believe Discord already offers an embedding option which you may be able to use to work with this.

    Excited to see this feature come out if it does.

  • Yes, but not only in Opera GX, also in normal Opera.

  • It is very good but I would like you to put the option for discord in the sidebar, since it is also for gamers and we can talk with our game friends.

  • This post is deleted!
  • I was actually looking for a Discord extension for the Opera sidebar and was pretty surprised when I realised that Opera GX didn't have it.

    But I do understand that out of all the messaging apps I've seen, Discord has to be the most resource-heavy with how many features and things it runs all at once, compared to more medium-weight messengers like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

    I wouldn't be surprised if users got constant crashes with Opera GX if someone decided to implement it, especially with how many times I've noticed Opera GX crashing when I have an excessive amount of tabs opened.

    While I would still love for them to add or attempt it, I wouldn't be surprised if they find it to be more trouble than it's worth. ╮( ̄~ ̄)╭

  • I would also like to see discord added to the side bar. When i'm in game i'm also usually watching something on my second monitor. would be nice t o be able to have a pop up on side bar to know which channel has pinged.

  • This 1000 times over, video pop out along with discord sidebar as a part of the messenger apps would be a nice addition.

  • YES! This would be awesome!

  • I was hoping you guys would add discord, I commonly use to it to do gaming and talk with friends, Would be nice to see it in Opera GX

  • I agree. I was personally thinking a dedicated tab in the Tabs bar for just discord.

  • I agree; kind of odd for a gaming browser to include WhatsApp and FB Messenger integration, but not Discord. Twitch and Discord would seem to be the two most obvious ones to integrate...

    (I know this is a necro-post, but I thought it better than starting a new post to suggest the same thing)

  • Just like the built in Whatsapp/FB Messenger feature, but with Discord.
    (Or at least a Discord WEB Shortcut in Side Bar)

  • @hazza I was just thinking about it!
    Would be perfect.

  • It would be wonderful if Opera GX developers could add Discord to the software.

  • I hope it’ll be, but maybe too much ressources are necessary to implement this service?

  • Discord is constantly running on my windows anyway, so... if I had it integrated in GX and it did required the same resources as normal app, or less, I certainly wouldnt mind.

  • Can you add Discord to sidebar? I think it's been a while since another user asked for this. I think it'd be amazing if u added it.