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[Solved]I want to create Pdf files not Opera links

  • Hi there good people.

    I want to create proper Pdf files and not Opera links. I downloaded Cute Pdf and also right click and used to 'Save as a Pdf, but they both now create Opera links. I even downloaded Firefox with an add on but it's still the same. I did turn off in the settings page authority for Opera to do this, but it still created Opera links even when it's not the default search engine. I was thinking of getting rid of Opera completely to achieve it.

    Can anyone suggest anything please?

    I'm running Windows 7 on a Lenovo G575 (64bits) and Opera is up to date.

    Many thanks good people!

  • They are files, but are set to open in Opera.

  • I appreciate you taking your time to explain. When I tried to attach a couple to email to someone here in the UK, they wouldn't open, hence wanting 'normal' Pdf files. Also, when I did one from the UK Government website, I had to log into my account again on the Government website here.

    Many thanks if you have any info one helping me save them in the way I wish to.

  • Just a couple of quick questions in addition:-

    1). Are these Pdf's which are set to open in Opera retained on my computer please or on a server somewhere else please?

    2). I've tried turning it off so that I get the 'old' Pdf but it wont work. Any way of resolving that please?

  • @redheadguy10 1) It depends on where you saved them. They are set to open in Opera probably because Opera was set as the default PDF viewer.

  • @redheadguy10 2) What do you call old PDF?

    What are you trying to do?

  • I have 2 options for creating Pdf files:-

    1). Use Cute Pdf which I downloaded onto my computer
    2). Right click on a Word File or web page and use 'Save to Pdf'

    Both of these used to give me the Adobe rectangular file stored on my computer with their logo.

    Now, I have what seems like links of some kind with the Opera logo.

    I want the Adobe rectangular file which I know is on my computer and not an Opera link to a file (perhaps) stored on a server somewhere.

    Many thanks.

  • @redheadguy10 Then you need to set Adobe as the PDF viewer in your system.

  • Thank you - EVER so much !! I sincerely appreciate you help and assistance. Although to you this may be simple, the solution was, for me, like finding the end of the shortest piece of spaghetti in a dish!
    Many kind thanks indeed, have a great day!

  • @redheadguy10 Easiest way: Check if you can do it from inside Adobe.

    Not so easy way: Go to Windows settings/Control panel > Programs > Default Programs > Choose programs by file type.

  • I did a search on Google after your first most recent reply and the instructions were exactly as you've just stated them. I instigated them and, hey presto! ... my PDF format is back so thank you ever so much for solving my issue. Many thanks indeed, you're valued and appreciated. Kindly ... A.L.