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  • @bobby55:The revert option should work now in the latest version of FBP. However be aware that due to a bug in Opera, if you open Fcaebook via Opera's Speed Dial button, the Revert option won't work. You need to either open Facebook via a bookmark or by typing the URL in manually ( FB.COM works )

  • @st333v Thanks, I've since discovered that when the new FB is open, clicking in the address bar and hitting enter also switches it to the old FB

  • @bobby55: Thats good to know Bobby, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • @st333v Hi, I´m using Opera Developer 73.0.3847.0 x64 and can´t even fix your extension on the main Opera´s bar.
    I´ve tried to uninstalll and reinstall it several times but it just appears for a second.
    This way I can´t have access to the extension features.
    With the Old Layout for Facebook (broken again both in Opera and Chrome, fuck FB), it doesn´t happen.
    What does it depends?
    Is there a workaround before to trying the FB old design workaround?
    Yours sincerely.

  • @bobby55 said:

    Hurry up and get a fix for switching to classic FB, I've had to use edge and it's so slow.

    Try using The Old Layout. It works perfectly for me in Opera.

  • @cybergata: From what I've been told, it only works if you are a page or group admin, so pretty pointless, as if you are a group or page admin, you already get the 48 hour revert option on the Group / Page admin console.

  • Have used this for years. Have tried another social fixers and FB Purity is best; plain and simple.

  • I tried the reverter app in Opera and both mode 1 and 2 will not revert to classic any longer. Please help. This new FB is ridiculous.

  • Use it together to Old Layout for Facebook by Matthew Krause.
    They will revert almost everything, except home page, settings page, and MarketPlace (that using those extensions you will see it as it on mobile mode, a real mess if you´re a seller, coz you won´t only see the MarketPlace items you´re selling but the group´s ones -if any- all together; thats one of the reasons I hate the Facebook app, it lacks of functionalities, and the MarketPlace is awful).
    I already sent an email to Matthew, so a fix will come out in any moment.
    Furthermore I have to inform you that yesterday I had to disable Revert Site addon to edit a note on my group coz Facebook detect that addon and its making a misunderstanding: inserting a link on the note is interpreted as if I´m hot linking to F.B. Purity (the other addon behind Revert Site) website but not in a clear form, even if I was making a link to a completely different website.
    So I neeeded to disable Revert SIte for a while, edit / create the note with links on my group, save it, and then reable that addon.
    IMHO FB its making a war to those addons coz they don´t want the new UX be reverted (you should know how Zuckerberg acts), so we FB users should go on with a / Avaaz petition asking FB to revert the UX to the previuous one and to give us back the notes on our profiles.
    Let me know your opininion.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @goodpasture: why are you reviewing Revert Site on the FBP extension page? BTW Revert Site mode 2 does work, it just cant revert the newsfeed page, almost all other facebook pages should revert OK.

  • @juancito1968 yea we know how he acts! Honestly we don't really use FB much anymore personally. We are trying to move to MeWe. It is a change no doubt but a pretty nice site it seems. Unfortunately my wife has to use FB still just for her cake business. We have paid Zuck a good deal of money over 10 years to get almost 6k followers and it honestly does her pretty good for business but I hate the market and hardly ever use it, It's a big mess is about all it is. We are duplicating our business pics over on MeWe now but that will take time to hopefully get everyone over there as well. I wish it was more local / friend of friend style based but it doesn't seem to be best i can tell so far and I haven't found a great alternative to FB yet other that that. I wish FB would be sold out or split up or anything honestly to get out from under his ridiculous little rule. Thanks for the fix temporary or otherwise. We will continue to play the game best we can. Thanks!

  • @st333v I don't know how some of this stuff works. I do the best I can I guess. I thought the revert site was made by same author. We did figure it out. Mode 2 does work in group yes .... sorry for mis-posting or whatever.

  • Thank you so much.