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Hello - How can I turn off all security features on my local network?

  • I love the browser, but I am spending hours per week jacking with security, privacy and all the setting while I am in my local network. Today on the the ip addresses changed on a router, it took me 30 minutes to get in and get rid of the nags. There was a connection is so I literally had to repeat this over and over. I have gone through the admin section and I cannot find a way to turn it off. I could care less about that security, privacy or anything else. I behind plenty of protection, so I really don't need it at the office. If there is not a way to enable a switch or something, can you explain how turn it all of it off in the internals or registry. It's for sure the best browser out now and to use it at work, but this makes it impossible. Thanks for your help. Look forward to getting this resolved.

  • @ccolvard I don't think there is a way to do that.

  • @ccolvard What exactly is the problem? An IP address change should not make any difference for Opera.

  • I hope I'm replying in the right place. It's mainly 3 things. Local ip's that don't use ssl, which is the huge problem, becuase this makes me have to go back reset the permissions which there are like 12 buttons. And if for some reason it doesn't connect the first time after that, then more security kicks in or it refuses to connect. Either of the later 2 issues happens, then its going back te reset all over again by reset it mean the security settings that prompt for all the things to block, javascript, location, cookies, photos, sounds, etc. As far as I can see there is not one place to say, this is a local IP and it does not require a secure connection. From the interface usability. Instead of intering an IP in one time, you literally have to do in several places and I can't rembember which, there is no way to enter it it, just a switch that says ask or check next time or something. Once a month would be ok I guess. But, I run a lot ip's and dedicated proxies for our sosial media tools, and it's killing me. If you could run all the ip addresses through some type look up file ors something that might work. But why? chrome and FF don't require anything like that. I the other thing is the privacy settings. I can't turn them 100% off. I don't need them or want them. It's just another nag message to deal with. Anyway, I'm not a browser expert, but I know there are switches in most browser that are entered somehow in dev mode. That or registry are not hard for me to do if you had a way to find out about it without speding several days or having to fix all my fav tools and settings because I missed something. Thanks for your time, sorry for the long first post.

  • This all is a bit hard to understand, but looks like you are accessing your local sites by IP? You could create entry in hosts file, associating your IP with some DNS name (better would be use DNS itself - routers should be able to assign some name for itself and other devices) and access your sites by this name and configure Opera for this name. If your IP changes, you only have to reassociate it in hosts file (or in DNS service).