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  • Recently, when I try go back to my regular video course on udemy the video keeps loading forever, when I try open a different course video, it works.
    When I reinstall opera it works back again. But after few weeks the problem return. Im kinda tired of reinstalling opera to complete my online course. The video plays normal on Edge and Chrome. I tried erasing cookies from udemy but the problem persist... any suggestions?

  • Try emptying the cache?

  • yes, i cleaned all the cache and cookies, but no change. I can still play other videos but not my course.

  • @LucasSnowfall Adblocker enabled by chance?

  • Hi, I already tried everthing, cleaning cache, cookies, adblock off...
    please check the video i made.

    As I said, the course Im taking it wont run the video, different video classes will. On Chrome it runs my course as normal.. I just dont know what is doing that . 😞

  • @LucasSnowfall Any difference if you change Opera's user agent?

  • @leocg Hi, thank you for helping. I tried changing de user agent to Chrome Windows, but no sucess 😞

  • Still not working. Ofcourse works like a charm on Google Chrome.

    It's saddening, i really try to love other browsers than Google Chrome but the ongoing problems other browsers like Opera, Firefox and even Chromium seem to have with Flash, DRM and basically any other nonbasic-HTML5 technology force me to always keep a copy of Google Chrome installed, wether i'm working on Windows or on Linux. It shouldnt be necessary to keep a tweak-list handy with 'try this and then try that' or 'install this tool or that plugin' to be able to consume webcontent with these browsers.
    Again: very discouraging.


  • Hi, I'm having issues playing videos on Udemy, the video won't start. It works fine on Firefox and Chrome.

    If I open the Opera DevTools I can find there is an error:

    VIDEOJS: ERROR: (CODE:4 MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED) No compatible source was found for this media.

    And the stacktrace:
    code: 4
    message: "No compatible source was found for this media."
    responseContentType: "application/x-mpegURL"
    responseStatus: 200
    responseUrl: undefined
    proto: Object

    I also found this old thread, but no solution was provided.
    UDEMY video problem


  • Its 2021, and still this problem persists. Why doesnt anyone on Opera team take a look at this?
    I would love to use Opera more, but this kind of issues and no response from Opera, is making me forget about Opera and not recommend it to my friends