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Time zone 1 day out !

  • @sgunhouse thanks for your interest and I'm in New Zealand where time now is 3.54pm Sunday 14th July and I've just checked history again after closing and re-opening Opera to find that current time is in sync (so new clock extension must have done the trick) ... but the earlier time I mentioned (10am today) is still showing as 10pm Saturday. Maybe its too much to expect past history to update correctly ?

  • Probably is. If they were saved with the wrong time they should continue to show the wrong time.

  • @sgunhouse ... Oh well at least I seem to have sorted it by installing that "Stylish World Clock" (yes that's what it's called) into Opera EXTENSIONS. Hope that info is helpful to others in non-UTC parts of the globe ! I even learned a new term today ... UTC, so now I'm truly up to date going forward. Thanks for your help guys 🙂

  • I know, we always just called it GMT when I was younger, but UTC is the official term these days ... probably someone thought they needed to specify it was an international standard and not based on a British observatory.

  • @sgunhouse ah well there you go ... that's another thing I've learned today. I probably once knew what GMT really stands for too ... but easy to forget when you're so far out of step in a tiny land downunder ! Can understand the old Brit name getting up the noses of many people today residing nowhere near the UK ... fair enough. But UTC seems a bit odd ... the letters are in the wrong order for a term that's a bit OTT anyway IMO.

  • @contralto I have the same problem. In History the time is correct, but the day/date is day before. The date shown is not UTC. I am in -7 (California) 8AM Sunday here therefore 1500 Sunday UTC, and the day shown in History is Saturday.

    Clearing browser history did not help. It just starts again with correct times and day/date for yesterday. System time is correct.

  • @cal5760 well I'm learning more every day ! Just brushed up on my time zones to find you are in PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) ATM ... correct ? And I'm in NZST (NZ Standard Time for winter). But all that aside ... seems to me the only way to get Opera up to speed outside UTC is to install that "Stylish World Clock" (which comes as an option in the browser's extensions). It is unobtrusive & in sync with the clock on your system. Or have you looked at Vivaldi ? ... another nice browser that is apparently a breakaway from Opera (hence the name) and seems to have its time zones sorted. I use Opera as default & Vivaldi as secondary.

  • @contralto It looks to me now as if the day/date follows UTC and the time follows local time. My History starts a new day at 1700 local. I reported it as an issue. We'll see if anything changes.

  • @cal5760 Yes I see that now ... sadly that plug-in didn't do it. Vivaldi is going great though with day & time both perfect (I use that as my workhorse because although similar, it seems to have less issues ATM) I just get Opera to pick up the default in emailed links. Vivaldi used to do constant annoying updates but not now and it seems really stable so if the Opera guys can't be bothered sorting this ... it's worth checking out.

  • @contralto Chrome doesn't have this problem either so it's Opera-specific. I'd switch to Vivaldi if they had Opera style speed dial, but I use speed dial a lot more than I use history so I am hooked for now.

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