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  • @campedor92 that website detects you have Opera and has at its servers the Opera icons. It's not Opera. It's illogical that after I visited that link I suddenly won an iPhone too. It is illogical that Opera could not be easily closed. All kind of popups which in fact are overlays. Definitely question what are you doing wanting to visit such site that freaks the phone?

    If chrome is detected at that website they know Google will mark it as spam. Hence in chrome that website lures and deceives not Google chrome.

  • @ginger1984 I do not know how to eliminate this spam, the search terms are simply hospitals and official websites. I wrote to Google, I wrote on the Polish Opera Forum.

  • @campedor92 Opera is your default browser, look how to set another browser default. From then that other browser is launched by a malicious infection at your device.

  • @ginger1984 I entered this link to the Anroid Google Chrome web browser and treated me as a Netia client (internet service provider in Poland). Therefore, I think that the problem lies in the implanted virus in the search engine and does not apply to the Opera. Only how to block this virus now in chromium browsers?

  • @campedor92 you need to factory reset from recovery. HOW TO BOOT HUAWEI MOBILE DEVICES INTO RECOVERY MODE
    To reach the bootloader before the Recovery Mode. First, you must power off the Huawei device completely. You can do that by pressing the Power button and then selecting the option to switch it off or if the software is not responsive try holding down the Power button until it turns off.
    Reboot the Huawei device by holding the Power and the Volume Down buttons.
    Release the two button combination when the bootloader is on the display.
    Using the Volume Down key, scroll down the bootloader menu and highlight the Recovery option.
    Press the Power button to enter the Recovery Mode.

    You should backup everything first except APK files.

  • @ginger1984 I've already done a hard phone reset. if the problem occurs in different devices, browsers, will it give the desired effect?

  • @campedor92 did you hard reset from recovery? If no, it's the only way. For now set another browser like Chrome as default. We should continue about this in the local forum area, since this is malware infection that simply calls default browser. XDA developers can better help you.

    Post messages about this problem here:łąd

    Your DNS from your WIFI router might be infected. That would reinfect you everytime until you factory reset your firmware of router too!

    Many routers have a DNS page.

    Set DNS in router to


    Which are Google DNS to see.

  • @miyukiwork for a long time in the beta version there is an option to mark advertisements, cookies, etc. on websites.
    When will this option be included in the stable version ?

  • @campedor92

    Thanks a lot for paying attention to our beta product as well!

    We are getting good feedback in our beta versions, so no immediate plan to include it in the stable version.

  • @miyukiwork It's too bad!

  • @miyukiwork
    With this version, this page:
    doesn't load properly
    The left part remains blank instead of showing connection request (please check with any other android browser)
    Thanks in advance to check and correct potential bug
    Best regards

  • @ptrubert got following result, it asks to sign in in French language I think.
    [quote] Obtenir vos codes

    Le code client vous est attribué par un conseiller au moment de votre inscription au contrat Banque à distance en agence. Lors d'une ouverture de compte en ligne, le code client vous est envoyé par courrier. Il est également indiqué sur vos relevés de comptes.

    Code secret oublié

    Effectuer une nouvelle demande

    Nos conseils sécurité

    Découvrez le Pass sécurité
    Voir les menaces identifiées
    Guide des bonnes pratiques
    Did you disable ads in Opera temporarily?

    Firefox Android does equal but shows permission to use cookies. Could be if you disable ads blocking it will work. Only difference here at tablet, Enable Desktop mode in menu for this website. I think you are having mobile site at phone and I at tablet get desktop version. You can easily get desktop version at mobile in Opera too. Press the hamburger menu if at mobile phone it says mobile change to desktop. Might work.

  • @ptrubert

    We've checked the page and we can see the left part is blank but only for a few seconds. As you say the left part, we assume you are in Desktop mode (Desktop site on or User agent Desktop).

    Have you tried @ginger1984 's advise? Adblocker on/off makes difference on sites, so good to try that.

  • @miyukiwork since the update, the browser turns itself off after being started and when you restart it shows such a tag (loaded Opera logs). Every day, this happens at least 1-2 times. Is this a mistake? Is there just a new way to update your browser?

  • @campedor92

    No, that behavior is not expected. If you don't mind, can you share your installation ID with us? Probably Opera is crashing.

  • @miyukiwork Is it it ?


  • @campedor92

    Thanks for the screenshot. We'll investigate the problem.

  • @miyukiwork If I play movies (music) from youtube in Opera Android, after stopping the screen or switching to another card, the playback stops. And if in the same application I turn on the computer view mode, YouTube works without any problems when the screen is turned off or by browsing the internet on another tab. From today Opera also serves as a music player in the background! 🙂

  • @miyukiwork chromium 75 has a problem with refresh gesture where it can be triggered in middle of page , not only at the top of a page....
    Now opera beta has this issue ..
    I suggest you not to update opera stable to chromium 75..
    Chromium 76 fixes this issue..
    For now, brave browser, opera beta , bromite browser 75 has this issue

  • Hello for all... ☺

    It's my first post here.

    I like Opera browswer and curently use Beta version on my phone.

    My only question is can status bar color change depends of current website (like on Chrome). I really don't like 'static' grey color.