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Two trivial configuration questions

  • I've been using Opera for some time now (on various platforms) but I've just installed the newest 22.0 version on a newly built Windows 7 system and it seems that somewhere along the line, in all the revisions to the browser, a couple of things have changed, and I'm sad to admit that I haven't found anything online to tell me how to change them back again in the 22.0 version on Windows. So ai ask for help here.

    Firstly, how can I configure this thing so that when it starts up it shows my preferred home page, and not this strange SpeedDial thing (which I do not like at all). I've seen references in the Settings to the "Start Page" but I can't seem to find where I could actually set the URL to be used for that. Guidance would be appreciated.

    Secondly, how can I get back a traditional sort of Main Menu bar up at the top... you know... with buttons like "File, Tools, Help, etc., etc. ?
    I've been unable to find any guidance on how to get that back either. (Is this just not supported anymore?)

    Lastly, why is finding information about the above two configuration things so hard? Shouldn't these things, in particular, be covered by an FAQ somewhere?

  • About #2, there is no main menu and/or menu bar .

  • You can set up your own home page or pages in the browser, so that when the browser opens, it opens there. Just press Alt P to go to Settings (or click on the Opera logo to the upper left of the browser to access the main menu, and then click on Settings), and for the On Startup Item, near the top, you can select Open a Specific Page or set of Pages. That seems to be what you would like to do. Click on Set Pages there, and you are good to go.

    Now for your new tab page, you will get the Speed Dial. However if you don't want it, you can download the extension from the Opera Store called Custom New Page,
    and set your own new tab page.

    In case you ever want to go to the Speed Dial with the above settings you can click on the 8 small sqaures to the left of the Address Bar, and that will take you there.

    On the Menu items, you get them by clicking on that Opera Logo on the upper left side of the browser. Now there are many keyboard shortcuts there, so after a while, you can access quickly quite a few of the items. Like settings/Alt P, your list of extensions, Ctrl Shift E, and others, History Ctrl H, new tabs, Ctrl T, etc.

    Press F1 and you get the Help menu (you can also access it by clicking on the Opera Menu, and Help is one of the items). That help menu is a FAQ with a lot of subject areas that are discussed.