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"Profile Error Occurred" - Message On Opera Startup

  • I know that this thread was initially about "Message On Opera Startup".
    I want to make sure you understand, I haven't opened Opera (any version) for more than a week). I think that's important to keep in mind when considering that the file(s) found are identified as containing Foxiebro.
    I'm unfamiliar with the VirusTotal site. Why is Acronis listed with Windows Defender? I recently installed Acronis and had so many problems with it that I uninstalled the program. I used to think it was great. But it compromised and slowed my system so badly that I wasn't going to put up with the issues and uninstalled. There may be a connection.
    Leocg is correct. The ending numbers changed. The file was being replaced each time Defender would quarantine the last. That's usually a big indicator that it's an infection when a file continues to be replaced if moved or deleted.
    They were found in:
    C:\Users(USER)\AppData\Local\Temp.opera\BBDC4C234B27\Opera_installer_20100218063921710520.dll (and a second file in same location at the same time with a different number for \Opera_installer_2010...
    With each error message the 2 ending numbers for the dll files would change)
    After 7 times there were 4 files found in the same location. After finding 4 (which were quarantined), only 2 were found each time. A total of 15 times Defender identified Foxiebro and quarantined the files. It only stopped after I booted into Safe Mode and removed all Opera files.
    Even if Defender is the "only" engine finding identifying the file, don't you think it's something Opera developers should be reviewing / investigating to see "why" that file was identified even by one engine as having malware? Clearly Opera was exploited. And to identify a "specific" name of malware, as opposed to assigning a generic name and calling it a PUP with a low threat would be expected if it was a false positive. But to have been assigned High threat with a specific name seems more than something to disregard.

  • Please let's keep the discussion on topic.

  • To andrius and blackbird
    While my Opera Browser is still out on my desktop, on my Opera Mini Browser 51 works great on my Android mobile phone It does however need to be refreshed when it goes to Google double clicks Other than that at least
    on mobile internet Opera is fine.

  • 72.0.3815.400, Profile Error without cookies wipe.

  • @tag
    I e mailed Opera Headquarters and they told me when I upgrade my RAM from 1GB to 4GB to get back to them I must hire a professional technician to do this and I must shut down my I Mac before he arrives and I must wait 14 hours at least before waking it up.I learned it takes 30 seconds for the new memory to boot in after the computer wakes up.I have not done this yet but I hope to and hope to get back to you when I do. By the way,Opera on mobile devices do work but do need to be refreshed
    from time to time.

  • 73.0.3856.257, Profile Error without cookies wipe.

  • Got a Cookies wipe as well. I've managed to capture that launch in Procmon, but I don't see any unusual errors regarding the Cookies file in the capture.

  • @overtheinternet33 said in "Profile Error Occurred" - Message On Opera Startup:

    when I upgrade my RAM from 1GB to 4GB

    Anyone else running with a low amount of RAM?

  • After a long time, today I got the error message but this time the cookies have been kept. Opera 73.0.3856.257

  • Today, the profile error message was shown and again with cookies wiped.
    Opera 74.0.3911.75

  • 74.0.3911.160, still an issue.