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History Page is broken: Old history not displayed

  • If you are claiming that Opera keeps no history at all, that is not normal (though private windows forget history when closed). If you are expecting history from over a month ago, forget it - mine seems to have about 5 days. though it may depend on how many sites you visit a day.

  • Similar topics merged.

  • @sgunhouse Mine used to keep it for far longer. I purged it regularly to remove 'useless' entries, like google searching, searching in webshops and google maps.

  • @sgunhouse said in History Page is broken | Opera 60 (62):

    If you are expecting history from over a month ago, forget it

    Why? Other browsers have no issue with this. Regardless of how many days it used to be a long history and never limited to only a day or 5 regardless of how many sites and pages I visited.

    Regardless of exactly how many days / pages it should or should not store, is there going to be any official response to this as all I can see is "Topics Merged" when this thread has been going since June and it's now late August?

    It's hardly a history when it only covers a few entries and then deletes everything else.

  • @jaknet Someone clearly messed up. And they have no clue about the issue nor the development process in this.

  • I noticed that the story appears if the scale of the express panel is 100%. If the scale is different, then the story is visible in two days.

  • @zauberfritz It's sickening how nothing happens and there's no sign that Opera even gives a flying f... about their users, as shown by not a single reply by Opera in the 2 months that this is consistently going on apart from mods merging threads and mods posting complete BS about how long a history should contain items for.

    Opera if you don't want users to use your products, ignoring issues and letting your mods post BS stating that the users are expecting far too much, is a perfect way to lose users.

    Either start to fix your products or watch people choose other browsers, Firefox does exist for a good reason.

  • The problem is still actual (Opera 63).

  • @jaknet I agree it's a strange degree of neglect. It's a crucial and serious, privacy-sensitive function, not some fancy gimmick for the easily bored.

  • The devs are working on a fix. A change in Chromium broke things.

  • @burnout426 said in History Page is broken | Opera 60 (62):

    The devs are working on a fix. A change in Chromium broke things.

    Thank you very much for posting this info 🙂

  • @jaknet it seems to work again. I can see history from june again. Didn't check fully yet, but not as broke as it was. And data not gone, apparently.

  • Hi all,

    I downloaded a useful file but can't remember where from! I know the date it was saved so hoped I could look back in my history to identify it's source.
    Unfortunately, it seems that none of my useage prior to 10th Sept has been saved. I was wondering if there was someway I could access this. I haven't deleted any history.

    All the best

  • @clhughes As far as I understand, the problem was accessing the history, not recording it. Mine works again. Maybe updating you version will help? I lost all my history, but now it seems to be back. But I didn't check for completeness. If your filename is rather unique, you might try to google for it.

  • I'm on the latest version (63) and I have the same problem. I can't see history before Sept 10th, which is really annoying because I wanted to find a youtube video I saw a bit over a week ago. In the search bar, when I type things in, no suggestions based on websites I visited before a few days ago, show up either.

    One site I viewed several hundred pages on today isn't showing anything from it beyond today, on the history page. Everything in 'today', 'yesterday' and 'older' was from today (the 15th). This is utter garbage and is honestly making the browser unusable. I can't believe this.

    At least I'm glad this isn't just me, a fix better come soon.

  • @zauberfritz said in History Page is broken | Opera 60 (62):

    I lost all my history, but now it seems to be back.

    Yeah, from my understanding, the missing entries on the page were just hidden due to a bug. They weren't actually gone.

  • @marial2019 Youtube keeps it's own history. When you were logged in to your youtube/google account you can find it there. On my tablet 'history' is in the 'library'. On PC it's more straightforward.

  • @zauberfritz Thanks, I totally forgot about that!! Unfortunately I turned youtube history off because I kept getting awful recommendations from it. I guess I'll turn it on until the problem is fixed, if I'm still using Opera for the time being.

    Urgh, you can't edit your posts?

    Anyway I'm an idiot for doing these things while sleepy, older suggestions based on history that don't show up in the history page, do show up in the search bar suggestions, actually. I tested it more thoroughly. So yeah, I guess history being hidden not gone is personally confirmed for me. (the suggestions stuff is kinda bad though, I can type in something precisely from a page I visited a day ago and it doesn't show up).

    There was a link to the issue in Chromium above, I went to it but I can't make sense of it at all due to not being remotely tech-y. Is that actually the issue, it doesn't seem directly related? Can someone summarise it?

  • @marial2019 Are you on a PC/laptop or on a mobile device?

    Anyway, on my PC, there is a folder AppData (C:\users(you)\AppData, this is a hidden folder, so you should make it visible (simple, google how to do so). Don't do this, and the next, when you're totally inexperienced or insecure doing things like this. On my PC in Appdata there's a folder Roaming, and in that folder there's a folder Opera Software, with in it a folder Opera Stable. There I found a file History (maybe the exact location may vary, so you might have to look around in your Appdata, however, of course, always in a folder Opera Stable). You might want to copy this file to some 'working' folder.. Since the bug is about accessing history, you might find your youtube link in this file. I opened it with a text-editor like Notepad. You get a lot of incomprehensible characters, but for our purpose just use Ctrl F to find 'youtube'. There will be plenty, but just glance at the link and see if the title of the video rings a bell. Search on untill you find what you were lookin for. When you find it try to copy it, or, probably easier, write it down and search on youtube. This mighf work (unless Opera stopped recording history), but I got links back from june. When you're done, don't save your file, and you might want to make your folder invisible again, it's a safety measure, to prevent you from deleting essential files, by accident or 'ignorance'. Good luck.

    PS I don't understand the edit-remark.

  • @zauberfritz I'm on a Windows 10 laptop. Thanks for the information!! I'll try it out later. Ah, that's just no option for me to edit my posts is coming up on Opera forums, there's only options to bookmark and share, like it's treating my own posts as if they were made by someone else. It might just be because I'm a new user - don't worry about it.