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History Page is broken: Old history not displayed

  • Opera history will only reveal around 1 day of history at a time.

    If I visit a new page, the bottommost link will be removed. Since Opera's limit on history is not time period, but an arbitrary total number of links, this would make one think that my total history is, for example 18 links (WTF).

    However, if I hold the page down key for a long time (2 minutes straight), it will eventually reveal one more day. One day at a time. Wow.

    How do I see my actual history?

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  • @MrNero I can't view my opera history beyond just 7 days. how is hell does this even make any sense. It's call history for a reason, pls i would like you help out in anyway. I have downloaded history from opera path in opera folder but i can't open or view it. Pls help asap

  • Suddenly all my history has gone, and Opera only records history for one or two days. Until a few weeks ago it still worked. W7. Checked all my settings, nothing that could explain this.

  • I've been having this problem for the last few days and it's really, really annoying. Suddenly all my previous history is constantly overwritten and even clicking the "older" text still only shows today's history.

    I've now lost some semi important pages I needed and had forgotten to save to either speed dial or bookmarks because Opera no longer allows my to view older history.

  • @jaknet I just found out Opera deletes my history everytime I close it. When I close it suddenly asks if I want to close several tabs at the same time. It never asked before. Strange thing, for specific tasks I use Firefox. That browser I set to deleting history at closing, but not Opera, I even can't find a setting ordering to do so. It is indeed very annoying.

  • I cannot see my entire chronic. When I go to the chronic, it just shows me the last 24 hours. It used to be possible. Can I chane this somehow? I'd like some advice

  • History with correct time but wrong day, I mean, today is Tuesday but the history says Monday.

  • I am using opera browser for long time. I have noticed that, previous browsing history is being deleted automatically. What is the reason? Can anyone explain please? Thanks in advance. And can I get back the history that is deleted automatically?

  • If you are claiming that Opera keeps no history at all, that is not normal (though private windows forget history when closed). If you are expecting history from over a month ago, forget it - mine seems to have about 5 days. though it may depend on how many sites you visit a day.

  • Similar topics merged.

  • @sgunhouse Mine used to keep it for far longer. I purged it regularly to remove 'useless' entries, like google searching, searching in webshops and google maps.

  • @sgunhouse said in History Page is broken | Opera 60 (62):

    If you are expecting history from over a month ago, forget it

    Why? Other browsers have no issue with this. Regardless of how many days it used to be a long history and never limited to only a day or 5 regardless of how many sites and pages I visited.

    Regardless of exactly how many days / pages it should or should not store, is there going to be any official response to this as all I can see is "Topics Merged" when this thread has been going since June and it's now late August?

    It's hardly a history when it only covers a few entries and then deletes everything else.

  • @jaknet Someone clearly messed up. And they have no clue about the issue nor the development process in this.

  • I noticed that the story appears if the scale of the express panel is 100%. If the scale is different, then the story is visible in two days.

  • @zauberfritz It's sickening how nothing happens and there's no sign that Opera even gives a flying f... about their users, as shown by not a single reply by Opera in the 2 months that this is consistently going on apart from mods merging threads and mods posting complete BS about how long a history should contain items for.

    Opera if you don't want users to use your products, ignoring issues and letting your mods post BS stating that the users are expecting far too much, is a perfect way to lose users.

    Either start to fix your products or watch people choose other browsers, Firefox does exist for a good reason.

  • The problem is still actual (Opera 63).

  • @jaknet I agree it's a strange degree of neglect. It's a crucial and serious, privacy-sensitive function, not some fancy gimmick for the easily bored.

  • The devs are working on a fix. A change in Chromium broke things.