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My Speed dials suddenly deleted

  • Hi folk,

    I could get my speed dial back on my laptop.
    I'm using Opera on two phones, a tablet and a laptop. Synchronization is on at all devices. I did the following:

    1. 'Reset sync data' on
    2. Signed off from Opera on laptop and each of my phones.
    3. Signed in on each phone.
    4. Once sync on each phone was complete I signed in on the laptop.
    5. Wait for a while and all Speed dial bookmarks got back.

    I hope it helps you with the issue.

  • @offonja doesn't help

  • @gmiazga This is absolutely horrible. Do they even know why this happened. to lose EVERYTHING in a day. That is so disgusting ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • @jstahliv83 It is
    and what is worse is we get no answer
    no reason why or that they even acknowledge it

  • @Ceedee I did submit a bug report just stating that I lost my speed dials about a week ago after an update. Maybe we all should submit it. I am hoping the devs even know this is an issue.

  • @leocg Thanks for the info

  • @leocg So they are gone , but it shouldn't happen again and I should rebookmark everything I want again?

  • @jstahliv83 If I understood correctly, yes, bookmarks will need to be added again.

  • Try this to get bookmarks back on Windows: C:\Users\your computer name\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\bookmarks. This will tell you if your bookmarks are gone. If you have a backup of your C Drive somewhere, then you can go to the same file in it and retrieve your bookmarks. Just copy and paste.

    This worked great for me today. Hope this helps. Of course Opera can still loose mine in the future. Unfortunately I couldn't find my speed dial.

  • It seems there is a new option in Opera to hide the Speeddial.
    Im from Germany and my speeddials disappeared after updating Opera 2 Days ago. I found out that there is a new option under the advanced tab and then go to startpage settings, there u will find a setting: hide speeddial or equal ( i have the german version).
    This setting seems to be set to ON after update on opera, i changed it and boom back are my Speeddials. But still there is one more problem, after closing opera and restarting it the setting switches back to Hide Speeddial.
    I hope this will help a little.

  • Same problem for me today on Opera mobile. Everything's gone and instead I had two dials on there that I didn't even add. This "adware" behavior of adding random icons to my dial was annoying me for a while now so I switched to a different browser as well. gg

  • The problem has returned. I lost all from my Speed Dial on the PC.
    It happened yesterday, when I tried to return the button "Opened Tabs" on the left panel(it disappeared, maybe after last Opera update). I logged out from synchronization and logged in again. After very slow synchronization, I got the button "Opened Tabs" again, but an empty Speed Dial.
    The folder on is empty.
    And when I ran my PC today I've found that the button "Opened Tabs" has disappeared again.

  • @tshalf And when I ran my PC today I've found that the button "Opened Tabs" has disappeared again

    Correction, "Opened Tabs" did not disappear again.

  • This post is deleted!
  • [Solved] Just signed in to Opera Sync on my Desktop, which is my primary computer, after signing in to Opera Sync on my laptop which is basically a fresh install of Opera. Once the synchronization was completed, all of my Speed Dials on my Desktop were suddenly deleted. I could not tell if the same deletion occurred on the Laptop, as there were no Speed Dials loaded as yet on that machine.

    On my Desktop, after failing to find a solution online with a cursory Google search or in these Forums, it was easy enough to resolve, at least in my particular case, by simply opening the Bookmarks inside a new tab in Opera, then selecting the entirety of what appeared to be a new Speed Dials subfolder (which for me was located near the bottom of the Bookmark tree structure, then performing a right-click to open the context menu and selecting "Copy", then finally clicking on the main/parent Speed Dial folder (located at the top of the Bookmark tree structure-which was empty- under the Bookmarks Bar folder) and performing another right-click for the context menu and selecting "Paste".

    All Speed Dials returned to my Speed Dial page on my Desktop. Went to laptop, closed and restarted Opera, and waited nearly an hour (just in case) before reloading Opera. No Speed Dials are there, even after assuring the Synchronization was signed in on the same account. I'll just copy and paste the same way after exporting my bookmarks from my Desktop and Importing them into my laptop.

    Problem solved.

  • opera.png On the Speed โ€‹โ€‹Dial page, right click on the page and choose the bookmarks option (above the history option) you should be able to see a new screen with your favorites. opera 2.png I hope this helps you

  • 2020 Not only is their forest fires, the sun was red, a CV19 pandemic, riots, the Olympics were cancelled. But to top that off my Opera Speed dials are not working.

    They work on my laptop fine (Tho I haven't fully turned the power off yet) But on my desktop, they disappear each time I turn off and do not link with my laptop even tho I sync them with the same email address?

    I just started using opera and every other feature that works like the left sidebar is a blessing and I don't wanna lose. But if this keeps up I will have to migrate to another browser?

    P.S I don't seem to be able to stack tabs either? I try dragging them onto each other but that does not seem to work?

  • to restore it go to the syncronitation tab next to downloads tab and then sign in as and your email will appear click on it then log in and then click on see syncronysed data and then you will be able to restore any of your data