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Opera causing 100% CPU even when Opera is closed

  • Hi,

    I've had a strange thing happening to my computer for some time and I've just narrowed it down to the Opera Browser. I was wondering if people are having a similar issue.

    For a while now my computer's CPU would run at 100%. It wasn't one process hogging the CPU it was 5-10 processes taking a lot more than it should, and it would randomly change. End task one of the processes and the CPU would just jump on to another process. Its not just the CPU is reporting 100% usage it actually was, it was booting to over 4Ghz, the voltage would go up and it would get hotter.

    If I changed my computer's power plan, to something else, the CPU would idle down low again however it wouldn't take long before that power plan was idling at 100%.

    If I went to the settings of the power plan when I have the high CPU usage and select the "restore default settings for this plan" the CPU would idle correctly. Utill I Opened Opera. Then the CPU would jump to 100% most of it taken by Opera; but closing Opera browser the CPU would not return to normal idle until I reset the power plan to default settings.

    If I went to power saving power plan, then opened Opera. That power plan would cause 100% CPU. I close Opera, change the power plan to Balanced, the CPU would idle correctly; open, Opera, and 100% CPU would happen on the Balanced power plan. Closing Opera and change the power plan to Power Saving, the CPU will still idle at 100%. Change the power plan to Performance and it would idle correctly. It seems what ever power plan was active when I open Opera would cause that power plan to idle the CPU at 100% until I reset the power plan to default settings..

    I have one power plan Ryzen Balanced which I can't fix as it doesn't have the option to restore to default.

    I have uninstalled Opera, deleted all the files and folders associated with it, reinstalled Opera, and instantly get 100% CPU when it opens. Opening Opera seems to cause any active power plan to have a minimum processor state to 100%.

    I have formated my computer so many times this year trying to find out what it causing it and it seems to have something to do with Opera.

    Has anyone else had this issue? I was hoping to find a more refined cause as Opera has been my go to browser for years.

  • I can see at least two possible causes:

    1. some problem with video drivers - disable hardware acceleration in Opera
    2. some problem with third party antivirus or security suite, which doesn't know Opera and monitors its network traffic or disk access - add Opera to its exclusions

    How about Chrome browser - does it cause excessive CPU usage?

  • @srrae You can check Opera's task manager to see if and what is using so much CPU.

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