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Can't set custom search engine as default

  • @Tcll No idea what you are saying can you maybe use English?

    It is not off topic its exactly what the topic is about.
    All other browsers allow using custom search default as does Chrome so no opera is not chrome!

  • @omendata the first section was in response to your:

    opera is not a big target for malware writers???

    that's where I had to redirect myself 😉

    All other browsers allow using custom search default as does Chrome so no opera is not chrome!

    just because 1 small feature of Chromium is not allowed in Opera doesn't mean Opera is not Chromium

    Opera is the ONLY secure version of Chromium, because as you can tell, the devs put in the extra effort to disable things that would otherwise be insecure in other browsers

    on the topic of this thread however
    Opera could simply encrypt the settings file with a non-exposed key and allow users to set custom search engines as default.
    (Opera could simply decrypt the settings and re-encrypt them when updated)
    doesn't take a genius to figure that out 😉

    ... what, suggesting a basic security feature doesn't make me a genius.

    what does make me a genius however is knowing not to use a backdoored encryption standard.
    thanks to my stupid government backdooring secure encryption standards, we have to be aware of this now and find new actually secure standards
    (it's a binary outcome, knowledgeable hackers can either enter that backdoor, or there's no backdoor for them to enter)

  • His argument is that malware targeting Chromium (which is the most common browser today) will mostly target Opera as well. If Opera didn't prevent external software from changing the search engine then any adware that would change your search in Chromium would also change it in Opera

  • What the.. I'm using DuckDuckGo as default and Opera is passing my search queries as GET requests in the address bar. This is not privacy! So I install my usual DuckDuckGo POST chrome extension but turns out it doesn't work in Opera (Though it will install). So I investigate why.

    I go to my search settings and wow! Awesome! Opera has added custom search engine feature with POST request! Except you can't set custom search engine as default so guess what? I will never get to actually use it! What to do? Well, DuckDuckGo POST sets keyword as duckduckgo.com_. I could set that but no use if I can't set as default.

    This is epic fail Opera. You pass my search queries by GET request straight to my ISP. No search privacy in this browser.

  • @xendi

    Stay on topic. Don't hijack other people's threads.

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