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  • Hi, I've downloaded the latest Opera cause they label it as battery saving.
    Thus, running it on a (Windows) 10 inches tablet.
    However, I've been totally disappointed:
    Say, a children-garden boy would find it a marvel cause it is totally new to him.
    But, what about university professors? Should they start learning it as if they would have never seen any browser in their lives before? Well, functions may differ, OK.
    But, at least some 50% or so in its design should be a priori understandable.
    In other words: Intuitively accessible! - One can't even find out what version it is! - Where is the traditional "About" section, please?!

    Well, these developers would be the ones coming from stars and not thinking like people from this planet, may be. Just like covering the 12 digit places while entering the Opera site. - Even financial banks have been satisfied with only 6 digits! 🙄

    But, I cannot do anything with this interface on a 10 inches tablet, say, in History section: How should I even in bright all the columns? Today / Yesterday /Older section takes much more space than any Site Title (5 letters allowed only). I cannot move the column boundaries on a 10 inches tablet indeed, at least in Windows 10! How should I proceed then? What should I do? - The History section is this way totally non-informative! - The interface should be somewhat traditional for the most people and therefore intuitive, too. Alas. Am I mistaken?

    Opera Snapshot_2019-05-28_190214_startpage.png

  • Well you'd have to revert to a version prior to 60.xx to get rid of these botched layouts on download and history tabs; but that means you most likely won't be able to use Opera's VPN (at least from my experience) and who knows what else won't work properly.

  • @incomingbrowserchange

    Thanks for understanding, I appreciate your prompt reply.
    However, the main advantage in this version for me should seemingly be the battery saving on a tablet.

    Also, any former versions might not be eventually accepted by Windows 10.

    I still find boring the both questions:

    First: Where is here the version statement to find, as formerly found in "About"? What number is it?
    Second: Why not merely make the column boundaries movable?

  • @cuneiform Next time, one issue per post, please.

  • @cuneiform Menu > Help > About Opera, not that difficult to find out.

  • @leocg

    Menu > Help > About Opera, not that difficult to find out.

    The matter is that not evaluates users, but vice versa.

    The consequences are relevant, just to compare it to the number of users, say, of Firefox or that of Chrome.

    I made 2 honest tries to make use of Opera in 2013 and 2019.

    No satisfaction so far.

    Thank you.

  • @cuneiform Consequences of what? Did you at least try to find out the about page?