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  • have a nice day,
    I compared the data download speed between EDGE, FIREFOX and my OPERA. The download speed is half. The OPERA browser has slowed down a lot. VPN is disabled. Do you have a solution? Here is a link to the measurement:

    EDGE: Upload speed : 67.86 Mb/s, Download speed: 86.10 Mb/s
    FIREFOX: Upload speed: 86.21 Mb/s, Download speed: 85.21 Mb/s
    OPERA: UPLOAD SPEED 26.77 Mb/s, DOWNLOAD SPEED: 28.99 Mb/s

  • @uuniversal
    Weird. I can't use your test server porperly (it is located on the other side of globe, gives me different numbers between 20 and 50 Mb/s), but using more local tests and servers I can max out my connection speed (60/60) easily.

    Have you perhaps installed some third-party network or security software, which may not know Opera to allow some exclusions for

  • @donq I reinstalled OPERA. I have no plug-ins. I don't have any
    ad-block. I've tried three browsers. OPERA is the slowest.

  • @uuniversal

    My results:

    Edge: Upload speed 2.72 Mb/s Download speed 12.40 Mb/s
    Chrome Canary: UPLOAD SPEED 2.85 Mb/s DOWNLOAD SPEED 41.70 Mb/s
    Opera developer 62: UPLOAD SPEED 2.39 Mb/s DOWNLOAD SPEED 14.11 Mb/s

    So upload speed seems the same for all of them but Chrome's download speed is way to fast.
    However I usually don't have download speed issues with Opera.

  • @uuniversal Do you have the adblocker enabled by chance?

    Here are my results with the adblocker turned off:

    UPLOAD SPEED 2.72 Mb/s DOWNLOAD SPEED 214.20 Mb/s

  • the thing is that opera is much slower browser in general and i don't know why. I've been using opera for years and I don't want to make a switch, but I still downloaded firefox and chrome just for comparison and I was right. I have 8th gen core i5 and when i open opera with only speed dial open and nothing else it uses 50-80% of the cpu, when firefox and chrome only use 4-9% max. All the adblocks vpn and live wallpapers were off and that was the result. I tested this method on other pcs as well, one i9 and one i3 and still got the same results. Opera was generally taking up more processing power even on the strongests of pcs. Wonder why that is.