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Opera 12.xx no longer works?

  • Does it work for anybody else?

    How else am I going to get my fix of cat pictures?

  • Same here, works on an abomination called 22.0 but not on 12.x. Get your act together Opera/Imgur.

  • No picture loading here.

    It's to be expected since it's not developed anymore which is why I started a slow transition to firefox(not like there's another decent choice after 12 dies) long ago in anticipation of this day. The tab utilities extension definitely help that transition to give FF more of an opera feel.

    The only thing you can do is complain to Imgur that their new plugin isn't working anymore with the old opera, they're the one who changed something that broke compatibility with opera 12-.

  • Not sure, but it might be because of imgur's protocol relative URL scheme.

    When you view an image on, the image is linked as // - without the "http" and with a different domain, which I think is what confuses Opera.

  • Found a fix on SA
    Press F12 and untick the box marked "send referrer information" and imgur images work again.

  • Nice. It would be better to do it in site preferences though as to not block this for other websites.

    So go to the imgur home page, right-click->Edit Site Preferences...->Make sure the site in the "General" tab is ""->"Network" tab->untick the box marked "send referrer information"

  • thx for the fix. i was scared that my opera 12 was crippled by it's age again. i rather go firefox that upgrade to this joke that they call opera now

  • Does it work for anybody else?
    How else am I going to get my fix of cat pictures?

    It's working fine here as it seems.