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How do I reduce the height of the address bar?

  • Hello, I have Windows 10 64bit. Opera has just updated to version 60.0.3255.95.
    How do I reduce the height of the address bar as it is now taking up more space than before the update. I really hate wasted space, especially as my laptop screen isn't all that big as it is. The previous version was great.

    Thanks for looking,

  • @echothehusky You don't.

  • That doesn't sound promising. I assume the extra height is needed for the pointless blue outline that now appears around the address box when you click it.

  • The only viable option that I can think of is right-click, Full Screen. To return to normal, right-click and exit full screen.

    I realize this does not answer your original question, but is it a work-around?

  • Hi,

    to be honest, I am also quite concerned with the new look and feel - taking more space is one thing, the other one is transition into tab area without visually separating each other (maybe my eyes still cannot get used to it, but it doesn't feel right). Also, when typing address the is a history-based list of addresses to choose from - here the gaps between the addresses are enormous (instead of that I will happily see more items on list)

    Hope that mentioned things (choosing the style of address bar and length of gaps within the addresses list) will became customizable by users, so everyone would be happy.

    I was using Opera for many years (thank you for maintaining the browser for so long!) and this is the first time when look&feel felt so strange to me, that I decided to find this topic, create account and write about it. Of course no offense here - take it as a suggestion only (maybe other users like the new design more than previous one).

  • Yes, the main reason I use Opera is that it is unobtrusive and simple. I want to look at the websites not the browser. I can't stand poor layouts, wasted space and clutter, and features added just because the designers could. 7

    re. the spacing between lines, at least it is better than ebays attempt at website design with each feedback item taking up more than one page, even on large monitors.