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Opera for Android 52

  • @miyukiwork high end devices send much more information of touch screen events. Here we discussed how we decided it became high end devices with sensitive touch screen overload not only Opera but Al other browsers that currently do not filter message cue.

    Suggested is starting with last post. I can tell what is wrong only unfortunately. Opera like all other chromium based browsers in NDK is ironically to fast.

    Included is instructions how to be certain, low end devices don't have this problem.

    The Opera UI works fine. It's the viewport at a random website, rather every website making Opera unusable on high-end devices.

  • @leocg but this causes pages to run slowly. that's why I turn off data saving. because it connects to another country like VPN. so pages are loading late.

  • @atgibizebra4 Yes, that's somewhat expected.

  • @leocg and the application uses more than our internet quota. About data saving

  • @atgibizebra4 I think that data saving will be more and more difficult as the web becomes more modern.

  • The new tab gallery is awful... I use 15-20 tabs usually and browsing through them is so uncomfortable now. I downgraded to version 51 again but lost all my open tabs 😢

    Why did you change it? It LOOKS more clunky and less stylish and is also less comfortable and user-friendly.

  • @ginger1984

    Since the problem is not for all web sites, we'll think it's a web site issue. If you could tell us which sites are having problems, we can check the problematic behavior, but probably not something we can fix on our end.

  • @miyukiwork all Samsung Exynos SOCs are affected when applications use Blink browser engine like Opera, Kiwi, Chrome, MeWe, Yandex. As long as it does use Native Development Kit to use Blink Chromium engine. It happens at all websites. With exception of WebView browsers like Opera Mini.

    Samsung has paid a over 5 million dollar in Italy for deliberately slowing down other software with monthly updates. XDA developers is full with such messages.

    Only Samsung software is not affected, and I say Samsung browser which also uses Blink engine even got faster.

    It's time to enter the Blink Chromium development website. Samsung advice at XDA to just buy a Galaxy every 2 years is not taken seriously and Samsung its profit net halved. People are telling each other that Samsung does what it has been convicted for.

    Samsung doesn't want Opera or any other not Samsung product with exception of mobile games.

    I read how to compile the blink chromium engine, and 100 gigabyte and time to compile it and find how Samsung destroys competition is not I am willing to do.

    On the other hand people started buying less Samsung since this was a better than One Trick Pony trick, but people are aware.

    My galaxy S3 from 2012 with opensource barebone Android ROM is for example faster than a modern Samsung phone.

    I provided several links, but you probably are not having time to read it.

    And it might be inappropriate to tell browser development team at a Android phone that their software is deliberately slowed behind usable.

  • In developer options of my phone I enabled GPU profiler, and Webview seems detached from directly getting touch screen input and works very well like Opera mini is smooth.

    Samsung browser has a detached from touchscreen directly like GPU profile too.

    Communicating touchscreen events directly to Opera or Chrome main thread that is also the viewport seems to be culprit here.

    I suggest Opera developers to try a simple overlay window that passes touch events forward to the web viewport in NDK since directly communicating with NDK is problematic. Not only for Opera but for Yandex, Chrome, Brave browsers...

    Opera could do this as Opera Dev version e.g.

    I turned almost into Steve Jobs. 😃

  • This post is deleted!
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