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Why does Opera default back to Speed Dial when I close a window instead of to my Desktop?

  • I'm using the latest version of Opera, and I still can't stop Opera from defaulting back to Speed Dial when ever I close a Window. How can I change this ?

  • Go to settings > On start up and unselect the option to start Opera with start page.

  • @leocg but then it wants me to choose either to "Retain tabs from previous session" or "Open a specific page or set of pages"..I can't uncheck all of them, I have to have one checked..I tried but it would not let me uncheck them all. how can I do that or what are my options ?

  • @brainpup What exactly do you want to happen when Opera starts up?

  • Are you closing the last window?

  • My guess would be the OP is confused. Probably used to Firefox, where closing the last tab closes the window too. Opera does not close the window unless you actually use the Close window button (top-right corner) or equivalent keyboard shortcut, mouse gesture, or menu entry.,

    In Opera, if you close the last tab in a window a new tab is opened for you automatically. Way back when, people would get upset when they didn't realize the tab they were closing (probably with the keyboard shortcut or mouse gesture) was the last tab in the window and the entire window closed. In Presto (versions 7 through 12.x) it was possible to have a widow with no tabs, though in the later versions there was a setting to automatically open a new tab when the last tab was closed. In the current version there is no setting, it just always opens a new tab when you close the last tab.

    So ... if you really want to close the window, do not close the tab(s) to do it. It just doesn't work that way.