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Opera Problems (lag and right-click menu)

  • Hi. I'm using Opera 22.0.1471.50 on Windows 7 and I'm having a bit of trouble. I switched over from an older version (15 I think), which I just generally preferred until it randomly started having EXTREME lag issues when opening a few sites (as in, it took 2-10 minutes for them to load). Now I've found I have a few problems with this version as well. First of all, I'm having lag issues in flash games whenever I'm not moving the mouse (a drop of around 5-10 fps), which I'm not having in other browsers (tried IE, Firefox and Chrome). The second problem I'm having is the right-click menu (althought this might just be a "feature"): Whenever I right click in Opera, it opens the menu just fine. However, when I want to close it, I'm having to click outside of it multiple times (usually around 5) instead of just one, which I do in other browsers. Any one know what my problems are?

  • Not sure about why you get the lag. For me, everything is going very fast. Do you have extensions on the computer. If you deactivate them, do you have the same issue? Because I'm wondering if maybe an extension is causing a problem. Also, do you have the latest version of Flash on your computer. You can check by going to the Adobe website in the Opera browser, and finding out. You can always try downloading the latest version.

    On the right-click issue,one can right click at a spot on the page to open a context menu, stay right there, and left click, and that should close it. Or press the escape key. Not sure why you refer to having to "click outside of it." I'm saying I don't have to move to close the context menu. I also use Windows 7 and Opera 22.0.1471.50.

    Now you say you switched over from Opera 15. How did you avoid all of the updates -- Opera 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 . . . and now 22. They are set to happen automatically.

  • I'd disable hardware acceleraion just to check if things get better, in special the lags.

  • I do not have any extensions, and I am, in fact, using the latest version of Flash. Also now, after a bit of testing, I found that the right click issue mainly happens while inside a flash window, such as a game or while on Youtube. I also tested and cannot use escape to close it (while in a flash window), so I guess it might be a problem with flash, although I doubt it. Another thing I realized afterwards was that it wasn't Opera 15 at all I had used. It was Opera 12. I also realized I have multiple versions of Opera installed, both 12, 15 and 22, though I don't think I ever used 15. Then I tried replicating the problem on the older version (12) and I did not have it there either, though I still have extreme lag on it.

    As for leocg's suggestion, I disabled hardware acceleration, and it didn't fix it. However, it did increase my all-around fps by a bit (from 17-22 with still mouse and 30-34 while moving it to 23-26 and 40-42 fps).