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Eleven Stable Releases In A Month "Enough Is Enough"

  • Unless I am mistaken between 3rd April and 9th May there were ELEVEN stable releases of Opera and being security conscious I updated my machines all 7 or 8 of them with the relevant updates.
    This is becoming a chore. Surely it would be simple for the Opera developers to issue updates with a "0" on the end to indicate an update that is important or security security related and should therefore be installed, the others not being relevant. With seven machines Opera has been updated at least 77 times on my machines this past month ! I realise I am probably in the minority having so many but over the years a particular make and model has possessed me. !! What is other peoples views on Opera updates, do they instal all of them ?

  • Usually when an update has an important security fix, it's mentioned on the release post.

    And yes, I usually always update to the latest build.

  • I always look forward to updates! It's like a new present to me! 🙂

  • At least two of these releases had fatal errors that affect my daily usage and it's good to receive immediate updates to fix them.

    But after all this is the Stable Release. Recent updates are anything but stable.

  • Opera adds a task to the Windows Task Schedule to autoupdate on system startup and then at a certain time every day. You could edit the task and tweak the time of day and add more triggers. In addition to the triggers, there are some conditions you can tweak so that Opera autoupdates when the computer is idle for so long.

    If Opera messes with your edits to the task, you can create your own task that does the same things so that Opera doesn't mess with them. (You might then want to disable Opera's task so it doesn't interfere.)

    Another thing you can do is just right-click on the task and choose "run". Might be way faster for you.

    If you do nothing though, Opera should eventually update by itself.