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Importing Bookmarks and subfolder structure

  • As per topic. Is there any way to import into Opera bookmarks exported from another browser and preserve the bookmarks sub folder structure of the source?

    My Firefox installation has tons of bookmarks all organised into folders - manual re-organisation would be out of the question.

    Opera 60.

  • @redsnapper have you tried importing those Firefox bookmarks unto Opera?
    because most browser export bookmarks as HTML and folder structure from Firefox should be preserved (they're pretty much similar). unless its some Firefox specific feature (like speed-dial folders in Opera) wont be directly displayed but you can always find the stuff that wasn't categorized under the bookmarks manager

  • @k1llua I managed to get bookmarks across by sorting them in FF and then going via IE. Not sure why it didnt want to work straight FF html export and import to Opera - maybe html file got corrupted somehow.
    Now I have bookmarks in Opera (under Imported folder) there does not seem to be any effective bookmark manager (like FF) to organiise bookmark structure tree i.e. no facility to mark and move groups of selected bookmarks/folders - or am I missing something? Maybe an extension is needed?

  • You should be able to do it in the bookmarks page: Menu > Bookmarks > Bookmarks or Crtl Shift B or click on the heart icon in the sidebar.

  • @leocg In the bookmarks folder tree you can only drag a single folder. Likewise for bookmarks you can only manipulate single entry at a time. There seems no way to mark/move blocks with the normal CTL/Shift type operations?

  • @redsnapper clicking on the folder opens it. I'd suggest you to right click copy and paste

  • @k1llua There is no funtionality to mark multiple folders or bookmark entries for coping/cutting/deleting (think normal file manager operations). Seems you can only work with a single entry at a time. I have tons of folders and bookmarks to maintain so this is unworkable for me.

  • You can select several bookmarks from inside a folder.

  • @leocg Only by clicking each one individually! As I said what I was looking for was the normal Windows type functionality to mark and manipulate multiple object.

  • Ctrl A should work as well as using the mouse

  • @redsnapper
    you'll have checkboxes like this when you hover on them
    Opera Snapshot_2019-05-09_031138_asdasd.png
    click on it (you can do this several times or you can select everything by using ctrl+a)
    Screenshot (14).png
    move/copy them to wherever you like to
    this should have no restriction on the type of energy you're selecting (just a bookmark/folder/folder(with sub folders)/folder(with irregular sub folders)

  • @k1llua OK thanks so Ctl A selects all. How do you select groups without clicking on each entry i.e. normally in Windows would expect to select an entry then click another entry with Shift pressed and all entries in between would be selected.. Also if you press Ctl A how do you do the opposite i.e Unselect all?

  • @redsnapper unselect all by pressing esc
    opera doesn't have the shift + click feature you're talking about

  • @redsnapper
    but you can drag and select like this
    Screenshot (15).png

  • @k1llua OK I will experiment with all suggestions.
    Have to say it feels pretty quirky/non intuitive without the usual key ops. Don't see why Tick marks are required on entries - why not just highlight selected (it does this anyway).

  • @redsnapper In 2020, the shift-click multi-select capability is on Opera Browser at least for Macs. I would imagine it is there now for windows as well. Both kinds of multi-select work:
    (a) Shift-Click to select a contiguous sequence of bookmarks
    (b) A-La-Carte Mult-Select - on Mac this is by holding down the Command key. I imagine it is the Option Key on Windows.