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  • After enabling Opera's VPN, If I go to it shows Opera's ip address instead of my own ip address.

    But if I use Qwant search engine - it's search results shows it knows my geolocation.
    Also, if I go to to find out the time - that site also knows my geolocation.

    So why does the VPN not work for those sites?
    And I'm guessing Opera's VPN definitely doesn't work for Youtube.

  • @heinrich627 Regarding the search engines, look at the VPN section in settings page.

  • Did you allow that site to get your geolocation?

  • @leocg said in Is Opera's VPN reliable?:

    @heinrich627 Regarding the search engines, look at the VPN section in settings page.

    I have deleted /home/user/.config/opera. This gives me a new profile when I start up Opera-browser.
    I have enabled VPN, opera ad-blocker and 'hardened' privacy settings as much as I can.
    I further added security extensions.
    The new profile has no browsing or settings history.

    When I go to - the site does not know my geolocation be cause Javascript is turned off.
    But when I use qwant and enter a single word (e.g shoes/shirt/laptop) - the search engine gives results of retailers in my geolocation.

    This is with VPN on, ad-blocker on, Javascript off, security extensions on, private window opened and a lot of settings disabled.

    The opera browsers VPN does not work.
    Opera cannot even afford the H264 licence.
    It has 2% market share for PCs.
    It's code is a fork of open source Chromium.

    Opera seems to be for die-hard fanboys who have no clue about security and anonymity.
    Back to Firefox. The free VPN scam - which is also offered by free addons - is just too much.

  • @leocg

    Did you check the sites I've provided as a link? Why not?
    You should do this now.

    Do you think Opera VPN works?

  • You didn't do what I said, right?

  • As far as I'm concerned, the purpose for a VPN is to provide security when you have an insecure connection, and Opera's VPN does that. If you take your laptop to some internet cafe that has open wifi and don't want the guy at the next table snooping on your personal data, it does that. If said open wifi happens to have a filter that won't let you access your game site, it also gets you around the filter. If you're trying to use it to get around country restrictions on streaming video - Opera's VPN may not do that since it doesn't have that many exit nodes. How much do you want for a free service?