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Every time Bitwarden vault locks itself, Opera opens up Extensions bar on the side...

  • If you set Bitwarden to lock its vault after certain time of inactivity, it'll lock itself and Opera will open up Extensions bar on the left EVERY SINGLE TIME! If you close it, use Bitwarden and after it'll lock itself, Extensions bar will appear again. It's like super annoying because I don't want stupid Extensions bar next to Opera sidebar. It's so annoying I can't even use Opera at this point...

  • Just the external program causes this or do you have the extension installed too?

  • @burnout426
    I'm only using Bitwarden extension. I don't get it why this stupid extensions bar even exists. t's ugly, doesn't fit anywhere and we already have extensions icons up in the toolbar. It's just an annoying turd in such scenarios.

  • I wanted to switch back to Opera and because it does this EVERY time Bitwarden locks itself, I just can't use it because it's so god damn annoying. And since only Opera has this stupid extra extensions bar I can only assume it's Opera doing this and not Bitwarden because it's locking itself.

  • I installed the extension and see that the extension bar turns on when it's installed. You can then close the extension bar. But, if you disable the extension and then enable it again, the extension will make the sidebar show up again. I suspect that's the same thing that happens when the extension locks itself.

    Looking at the extension manifest file and code, I see the extension specifically supports the extension sidebar and purposely triggers it. It's just that the extension doesn't give you an option not to do that. Opera of course doesn't give you an option to disable the sidebar so that it can't be detected by extensions.

    When you right-click on the extension's icon in the extension sidebar, there's an option to "hide from sidebar". However, it doesn't work. I'm suspected that the extension could be fixed to make that work and if so, the bar might not be triggered automatically after that. Not sure though.

    Maybe you can report the issue to the bitwarden devs and point them this thread to see if you can implement a fix.

    I do have something you can try though. Install in Opera if you haven't already. Then, install the Bitwarden version from the Chrome web store instead and see how it works. That one doesn't support the extension sidebar, so it shouldn't trigger it. There are some API compatibility warnings when installing it in Opera, but it might actually work just fine. Worth a try.

  • @burnout426 I've posted about it on Bitwarden subreddit since I wasn't sure who's causing this in the first place. It's also annoying to have extra stupid extension installed to use Chrome extensions instead of just being allowed to use them out of the box... Especially since every extra extension makes everything extra fat...

  • Ok, Bitwarden dev confirmed the issue and it'll be fixed in the next Bitwarden update. Looks like it was indeed issue on Bitwarden's side.