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  • @burnout426
    No, I don't want to do this. I'm afraid to lock my pc. I don't trust MS.
    My wife uses the same XP and the same Opera, no OS password.
    Her passwords are saved. Strange.

  • If her passwords are saved then most probably setting up an OS user and password won't make a difference.

  • Did you try using a clean profile directory?

  • @hjk1 You can create another user account on Windows for testing and set a password for it. That will also give you a fresh Opera profile to test with and it won't interfere with your current Opera and current user account. When you're done testing, you can delete the user account.

  • @burnout426 Thanks for your hints. I tried everything - passwords, new user, profile directory. It does not work.
    I don't want to bother you any longer, so I give up.
    BTW - Chrome also stores no passwords, only Firefox does.

  • @hjk1 said in Passwords are not saved:

    You are right, its still the wonderful Windows-XP... 🙂
    But is it supposed to work with XP? Doesn't seem so.

    As an aside, it took me forever to FINALLY upgrade to Windows 7 Professional, from XP, but I bit the bullet and though it took me forever (I used a program like Laplink PCMover), it solved SO many problems I had been having. Same thing happened as I was using Opera 12, and stuck with it forever...but finally bit the bullet (again) and upgraded to New Opera based on Chromium. And again, all my Opera issues disappeared.

    Now I won't tell you when to to, but upgrading Operating Systems, and then to New Opera will be worth the time it takes to do this.

  • @bbildman
    I have a lot of programs (also paid ones), that will only work on XP. Example with my Garmin: Mapsource works great, but I can not install it on my notebook with Windows-8. I had to use BaseCamp, which is really bad. I have to buy other programs or updates and I need a lot of time, not possible because I need the pc every day. I had to buy a new pc and a new monitor and install it in parallel...
    I tried to switch to Ubuntu, but too many problems, bad scan software and so on. Some important programs are only available for Windows.
    (sorry for my english, its not my mother language).

  • @hjk1 I can't tell you what to do, only you know that. Have you tried installing the newest Opera on your Windows 8 notebook and if so, can you then import your passwords into the Opera 60, either by synchronizing ONLY the password, or importing them from the CS file you have generated from your XP version (maybe O36 will not export passwords)

  • User at said that if you have your network connection in Windows set to "public" instead of "private", it might cause this issue. Not sure if that's the case for Opera 36, but something to check.

  • SOLVED (sort of)

    The problem has now appeared for me too in Opera 66 for Ubuntu 19.10.
    My latest update is 66.0.3515.44

    I solved this by... switching to Opera Developer 😛
    Installed it.
    Current version is 68.0.3581.0
    Synced to my normal Opera account.
    BAM! all the passwords that until recently were saved in Opera 66 (but were NOT displayed, as if Opera had no passwords saved) appeared in Opera Dev. It saves them, it automatically fills forms, the works.

    I might eventually want to go back to the "stable" version of Opera, but until this problem is fixed I'll happily stay on the Dev channel.
    On a side-note, might be nice for Opera account to be able to also sync installed extensions 😛