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3 finger swipe on trackpad (forward/backward) doesn't working anymore in Opera

  • Hi all! After updating to the newest version of Opera (60.0.3255.27) the 3 finger gesture (swipe left or right on the trackpad) to navigate backward or forward between the websites within a tab doesn't working anymore. I'm using that gesture in all applications of my MacBook, e.g. Finder, and it's a great feature to work and navigate fast.

    It's really annoying, because it slow down my browser activities a lot. Also it doesn't matter, if I activate the mouse gestures in the settings, there is no change. I know that it's possible in Opera, to swipe with two fingers to navigate, but in the opposite direction like in all other applications in Mac OS X. That's why I'm not using it. I don't understand, why it's not working anymore, because before the update it was fine. I'm using a MacBook Pro with Mojave 10.14.4.

    Could anybody help me, please? 🙂

  • @rambazamba said in 3 finger swipe on trackpad (forward/backward) doesn't working anymore in Opera:

    For me a two finger swipe does that. Check your trackpad settings in System Preferences.

  • @lvanhelden Your answer doesn't really help anyone. Sure the 2 finger swipe still works but not the 3 finger swipe which has worked until the Vers. 60 has been released. For those who have been using 3 finger swipe for ages is the 2 finger swipe not a solution rather a workaround. This bug still exists with the newest update 60.0.3255.59.

  • I only mention it, since for most applications a two finger swipe left or right does this. A three finger swipe selects texts in most macOS application, but you can change this behavior in System Preferences. I just wanted to clarify that.

  • i saw this problem coming. First, Opera developer stopped 3-finger gesture, after update beta, and now, Opera itself stopped it.
    Unfortunately, Opera downloaded itself automatically, and installed it from self.
    I can not use Opera without switching easily forward /backward with gestures.

    SO, is there any possibility, getting Opera 58?
    Otherwise I have to change Browser.

    This trouble with Mac-Gesture occured already in the Opera-History.

  • Still the same issue with 60.0.3255.83. I reported that as a bug to the developers a few weeks ago, so let's see, if they get to fix that soon. By the way, i liked the older browser versions much more. The new one seems to be slower.

  • I just had an update to 60.0.3255.116, no 3-finger gestures. Lack of this feature will force me to change browser, what I don't want to do 😕

  • @greyeyezz When replying you should not just post links or images, you should always write some text even to say why your posting that link, image, etc.

  • It's ridiculous for leaving the problem without any fix for such a long time.
    Guys, I simply change to another browser (brave browser) with very similar speed.

    Welcome to try.

  • @greyeyezz Thanks So much for your link! Thats fantastic!!! You saved my day, my week ...
    maybe for other users, use disable update function in terminal

    defaults write com.operasoftware.Opera OPDisableAutoUpdate true
  • I too have been very frustrated with this, but it just occurred to me to try circumventing the issue with BetterTouchTool & it's working splendidly. If you don't want to pay for BTT, there is a free alternative called Jitouch which is pretty solid. I would highly recommend either/both of them for a wide range of immensely helpful uses as well as this specific issue.

    In short, this is what the fix involves for either BTT or Jitouch:

    (1) Make sure you have keyboard shortcuts tied to the Back and Forward functionalities in Opera settings.

    (2) In BTT or Jitouch settings, map three-finger swipe gestures to their respective keyboard shortcuts. I would recommend configuring the gesture settings to be specific to the Opera app, so that it doesn't interfere with the native three-finger gesture functionality in other apps.

    Not ideal, but as a workaround it's easy & effective enough to get by until Opera fixes the bug.

  • How is it possible that this issue is still not resolved? I really wanted to return to Opera, but without 3 finger swipe that works in every other app it makes no sense. (The 2 finger swipe gesture requires to press and hold the trackpad - that's no option). I don't get why this issue gets ignored by Opera...

  • This is ridiculous that we are totally ignored. I'm still on v.58...

  • It is beyond ridiculous. I have use Opera for years, but have switched back to Safari since the swipe no longer works. Opera has gotten much slower as well. I was pleasantly surprised when I went back to Safari, it was so much faster.

    I use Firefox for Facebook exclusively, and use it for nothing else, to cut down on tracking. I use Opera for everything else.

    I keep checking back to see of Opera has corrected their issues, but so far, no. I used to recommend it to friends and clients, but no longer. How a company can go so long without responding to user complaints regarding a broken feature, one that isn't even part of the software itself is beyond me.

  • Interestingly, based on a comment I read on another post, I placed the cursor on the side of the window, so the cursor changes to the resize cursor, and then tried to swipe back, that worked. Of course that won't work for normal browsing, but it was interesting.

  • @popera You are speaking deeply out of my heart. I could not find words better than you said. I was absolutely overwhelmed about the innovations, Opera brought along. But this issue wis trackpad happened a while ago. I am using 3 versions of Opera (Normal, Beta, Dev) and now, i am making a lot of things with safari, because it is so extremely fast and comfortable, and now, switching to chrome, even if I hate it.
    But somehow, my overwhelming love to Opera vanishes slowly.

    Interesting Video to look at:

    Safari was almost dead and unusable, but now, revived without imagination

  • @popera said in 3 finger swipe on trackpad (forward/backward) doesn't working anymore in Opera:

    Interestingly, based on a comment I read on another post, I placed the cursor on the side of the window, so the cursor changes to the resize cursor, and then tried to swipe back, that worked. Of course that won't work for normal browsing, but it was interesting.

    Thats interesting, just checked on new version. Why cant it just work as it worked before?

  • WOW! How amazing is that? After over 6 month of waiting, Opera included this functionality in the latest Opera Developer-Release I updated today. So it can be expected, that it will be inclueded in the beta and in the final version of opera. Thanks @opera
    Having an good alternative to Safari and Chrome again.

  • @debe0813 I hope you're right, I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks for the information.