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Sidebar only on Speed Dial page

  • Since i updated Opera to new Opera 60.0.3255.27, there is no more Option to see the Sidebar only on Speed-dial page. I think its pretty annoying to have the sidebar fixed, but theres also no option to go to bookmarks etc without having it fixed. In the previous versions it was much better solved. Is there any possibility to have the sidebar just in Speed Dial page?
    I also think its pretty annoying how every Update brings new Options, but old Options are just disappearing. Every Update is a pretty surprise, and you have to hope that nothing you liked is now gone. No wonder so much people are running away from Opera.

  • Nope, there isn't.

  • This is annoying me as well; weirdly I didn't get this update until I manually checked, despite the auto-updater running itself just this morning! I got the "clicking icon in taskbar doesn't open a new window" bug and was trying to see if it was fixed in a newer release, and now I'm lumbered with this awful sidebar change in addition...

    I think it's very telling that there's also now the "Easy Setup" button permanently welded into the Address bar... Are we really expected to need to change the settings so often that we have to have an access button on permanent standby? If so, who the heck considers that to be acceptable design?!

  • I quite agree. It's yet another pain in the rear that the devs decided to force on their users. Opera used to be one of the best browsers out there, then China had to go and ruin it when they took over. 😡 So now i have to add the bookmarks and extensions pages like I did with the tabs page (for when Tabs aren't syncing) to my Speed Dial so I can get to them quickly without having to constantly switch the damned sidebar off and on or right click on Speed Dial. I liked it much better when the sidebar stayed put on the Speed Dial only. Now, it's either no sidebar or permanent. 😡

  • I too am annoyed by this. The "show sidebar" action shouldn't effect the dial page. The sidebar should be fixed on the dial page. I personally think, that this is an unintentional mistake, because otherwise it wouldn't make any logical sense.