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Few problems with Opera 60

  • Hi my Opera has just updated to 60.0.3255.27 and I got few issues

    • No sidebar icons on speed dial
    • When page is loading, screen is blue/purple for a quick moment
    • On dark theme, remembered logins context menu has dark background, but not light font color

    Bez názvu.png

  • You need to enable sidebar for it to appear on speed dial

    Issue with dark theme in login fields seems fixed om developer builds, so it shoul reach stable channel at some point.

  • @leocg said in Few problems with Opera 60:

    You need to enable sidebar for it to appear on speed dial

    In Opera 58 was possibility to show sidebar only on Speed dial page. After upgrade to 60 is has only two states - always visible and hidden and no way to show it only on speed dial. It is very uncomfortable.

    • When page is loading, screen is blue/purple for a quick moment

    After restart it's not purple but black, as it should be. So it was just some bug I guess.

    • No sidebar icons on speed dial

    Like @syberon said, I want to have them on speed dial with sidebar disabled.

  • I have experienced another issue. On the Speed Dial, I can only move/drag the website tiles from right to left.
    If I instead drag one from the left and move it on to the right, as I'm holding the mouse button the tile shifts to the left - showing that the one I'm dragging is going to go on the blank space on the right. As I let go of the mouse it jumps back to the left. This only happened when moving a left tile to the right, and not with a right tile to the left.

  • In addition,

    • Speed dial populates bookmarks slower than in previous versions (1-2 seconds vs. near-instant right after opening a new tab).
    • Enabled "Show available news feeds on address bar" creates a permanent extension button that is always shown even when no feeds are available on a page. The behavior of previous versions was that whenever news feeds are discovered on a page, the icon would show up in the address bar (per the option description), which made sense.
    • Extensions bar's color scheme is inconsistent with the rest of the Reborn3. The bar now sticks out like a sore thumb (IN ADDITION to creating another layer of sidebars, but that's my personal gripe).
  • Please open another topic.

  • Open another topic(s) for those issues, let's not turn this one into a generic, messed up topic.

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