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Animation of opening Speed Dial | Opera 60

  • New animation of opening new Speed Dial tab speed on Opera 60 is too long. Really.
    I want to disable this.
    I want to see Speed Dial instantly after opening it. No long animation.

    It is Speed Dial, not Slow.

  • Same here. Slow speeddial and gui and slowest than 58.

  • fix:

    New animation of opening new Speed Dial tab speed is too long slow.

  • @anonan AMEN!!

  • And at this moment Vivaldi opens its Express panel just instantly.
    Just test this. It's really cool. Like Opera 58.

    Opera 60: ...

  • What animation? It seems normal here.

  • I mean the animation of the transition from the blue screen to Speed Dial.

    Before the update Speed Dial opens instantly.
    Now, when I want to open Speed Dial, first what I see is the blue screen that transitions to Speed Dial with ~ 0.5 second animation.

  • Well, here the speed dial appears in a reasonable speed.

  • It's a reasonable speed for a very old PC that can't display a web page instantly. This is similar to trying to hide an issue with page rendering speed.

    The animation for Speed Dial opening when switching from Bookmarks via the Sidebar has about twice the speed (~0.250 sec), looks good, tolerably.
    0.5 seconds to animate is too much. This animation makes you wait for it to complete.

  • @anonan Whatever excuse Opera developers want to use to explain the Speed Dial conundrum, it is QUITE obvious the new O R3 has a delay problem displaying it's SD's that obvious - it jumps out at you.

  • I have tested this with a video recording, and.

    The opening of Speed Dial have animation that is 200-250 ms of a blue screen and 200-250 ms of a transition from the blue screen to the normal displaing of the page.

    On the previous version of Opera the new Speed Dial page was ready in ~ 80 ms.

  • New update of Opera is disgusting!

    • Bad GUI
      • Animations
        • Animation delays
        • No disable option
      • Colors on Dark Mode cause pain in the eyes
        • Extreme high contrast
    • No option to unfix "Easy setup" icon on top-right corner
    • Unexpected changes on some settings
      • Reset of speed-dial column limit option (Automatically adjust the maximum number of columns)
      • Reset of extension settings. All extension icons are unexpectedly shown on top-right corner
      • Sidebar is not accessable on Speed Dial when hided

    That is weird!

    I miss Opera 12 so much. The instant response on inputs where you don't even need to wait browser to react until you release the pressed key or click.

  • Newest iteration of O60 (60.0.3255.55)::

    Speed Dial continues to have a VERY noticeable delay each time a new tab is opened, as well as when Opera is initially booted. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

    Anyone else continuing to see this in 60.0.3255.55??

  • Speed dial in Opera 60 is very bad.
    I use speed dial for quick search webpages. Now I wait and wait and wait.

    Can I install back Opera 58?

  • the video shows that Opera 60 opens "Quick Dial" longer. This is very annoying. Access to Quick Dial should be quick.

  • There is definitely a problem.

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