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Side bar for only Speed Dial option | Opera 60

  • You can right-click a blank area and the sidebar items will be on the menu. But in version 60 (and later) when the sidebar is off it is off completely.

  • In earlier versions, when you turned off the sidebar, the start page would show its own sidebar. Its sidebar was implemented in code in the start page itself. Opera removed that start page sidebar code and hasn't said why. They also haven't said whether they're bringing it back or not. But, I hope they do.

  • There's another thread right below your thread.

  • @burnout426 It seems like people are talking about it already, so maybe we don't need two threads for the same thing. Thanks!

  • Similar topics merged.

  • Make a switch near the side panel itself, so that when you click on this switch, the side panel opens / closes (as done on Opera Presto or Vivaldi)

  • Guys, Opera team is very busy working on more serious issues related to sidebar:
    DNA-78081 [Mac][Lin] Sidebar menu button doesn’t work
    DNA-78090 [Mac] Browser crashes when logging out from Telegram sidebar app
    DNA-76911 Sidebar messengers error pages doesn’t recognize dark mode
    DNA-77467 [Mac] The extensions sidebar is white in dark theme
    DNA-77571 Highlighted O-menu inverse colour when sidebar is hidden

  • @opera-user-from-2002
    Your point being?
    How are we supposed to let the developers know about user frustrations if not on these forums? In my view they are an excellent place for discussion and I'm sure that's why they were created. If the team are working on (in your view) 'more serious issues' then I'm sure they would appreciate knowing about other linked problems so they can be considered at the same time. Makes sense to me.

  • @lonelyblade It was a bit of irony. I am sure devs are aware of this issue and they are intentionally ignoring it.

  • Hopefully a setting for putting the side bar only on the speed dial would be optional, not fixed. With the more recent versions of Opera, bookmarking no longer works from the heart symbol in the addressbar, and I need to use V7 Bookmarks in the sidebar.

  • @concretable You may have another issue there. The bookmark heart symbol has always worked fine for me and still does.

  • The problem with bookmarking seems to be selective. With some pages there is a problem and with others there is not (at least not the first time I try it). Pages in this forum and most other pages I have tried only produce a blank doorhanger from the heart symbol if I try to bookmark them.

  • I UP this too!

    It's very useful on the speed dial, easy and quick access to various features, but I don't want it on while browsing, not much of a use.

    Please bring back the option to only show it on speed dial!!!

  • Hello.
    I was about to post a topic regarding this 'issue' but found that it's already here.

    Having a sidebar is great.. at the speed dial page!
    Having a sidebar in every tab - not great!

    Main reason being the white space on the left part of the screen where you click while browsing stuff. It's a 'default' white space easy to navigate to (swipe mouse to the left), to clear any selection on the page or activate a page. Right side of the browser is the scroll bar so you can't easily swipe and click there.

    But when the sidebar is present in every window, this default functionality disappears so to speak.
    Thus we have to disable the sidebar in order to have fast and smooth usage of the web.

    Yet the side bar stuff itself is great, having whatsapp, bookmarks, Flow, and news right there with one click. But please have it in the speed dial only, just like it was there before.
    Or have an option to choose where the sidebar should be active.

    This needs to change back as it was before! The first adoption of the new sidebar was awesome. In user experience Opera has always been ahead of the others, at least the last 15 years I have been using this as a default browser (also use FF and Chrome daily, side by side with Opera).

    Thank you!

  • Bookmarking in Opera is still not working well for me. I have V7 Bookmarks which makes bookmarking easier, and that is in the sidebar. I need to have the sidebar visible for any page. If that were an option along with the one to have the sidebar only on the speed dial, fine. Hopefully, nobody is proposing that people use another browser to bookmark a new page and then copy the bookmark over to Opera later.

  • Up. Sidebar on SpeedDial only my choice too.

  • я перешёл на браузер Vivaldi. Opera пошла не по тому пути.

  • @temkem Use English in this forum.

  • ok. They don't hear us. That's crap. Now it's time to looking for a new actual browser....

  • @joe
    Slimjst is also a Chromium browser, and it does not normally have a sidebar. You can get bookmarks to appear in a sidebar, but you need to trigger that with a keyboard shortcut.