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  • Currently there is the option to enable the "Bypass VPN for default search engines". When at a corporate network I would like the ability to add in a custom URL pattern to bypass the VPN. I have to manually switch on and off the VPN all the time.

    For example I work at company The company has internal advanced networking and protected access to internal servers all in the form of <service> Since they cannot be accessed from outside the network with the VPN enabled it does not exist. With the custom bypass I can allow all traffic to stay within the network, but all other traffic goes through the VPN. Right now I have to manually switch on and off the VPN all the time to get my work done.

    Thank you 🙂

  • VPN in Opera is very useful and great. But the only improvement I think would be in order is implementing extra modes to use VPN in. Currently it's either ON everywhere or OFF everywhere. I think that implementing a "ON on a list of sites" or "OFF on a list of sites" option would benefit both the user experience (faster speed on sites you don't need VPN on, while still enjoying security for the sites you want VPN on) and the opera devs (currently more often than not I just leave VPN ON all the time, resulting in a serious amount of traffic for your servers, while I only find a portion of that traffic really useful, rest is waste).

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  • Hi guys,

    Would it be possible to add a feature to add sites to bypass the VPN?

    I use the VPN feature quite often but we have a local streaming service that is only available in South Africa. Every time I visit the site, I need to disable the VPN.

    If I can exclude this site or whitelist it, I won;t need to disable the VPN. Something to look at?


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  • Bump!
    I would like to add to Bypass VPN list.
    It would be great to have an option for that.

  • Basically one doesn't always need the VPN on on some cases, and it should be an ineresting feature no other browser has, to develop a web page based VPN. If you're on a specific page it's on on that one only.

  • it could be very useful for users as well as opera to add the option for users to except their selected websites from opera VPN network. it has following advantages:

    1- for opera, it reduce the load on its VPN network so VPN will get more speed, bandwidth, and will become more stable,
    2- for users, some webpages are safe enoght for the users so they can bypass that websites from VPN and will get better speed on that webpages.

    I hope opera team consider this suggestion

  • @MrAli
    Agreed 200%

  • Hi guys, any news on this? I'd like to use this feature as well.

  • bump

  • @dylandev You've posted here just about a week ago, no need to bump the topic to soon. Wait at least three major versions of Opera to be released before bumping a suggestion/request.

  • 👆🏻 This what I am looking for. Specially when using streaming sites like youtube.

  • I think that a lot of people even do not assume that web services use CDN with domain that is not equals to domain of the site.
    For example: if you add as a site to bypass, it would have no sense (if you want to save "VPN" bandwidth), because videos loads from CDN, their URL looks like that:, images too – their domain is

  • @anonan , this feature will not check request URLs, VPN feature will be disabled for certain tab.

  • this feature will not check request URLs, VPN feature will be disabled for certain tab.

    There is no mention about it in this topic.

    If you think that "Bypass VPN for default search engines" option works the same way, you are wrong. It works as I wrote above.

    The example:

    Non-through VPN

    Through VPN (It's in the same tab)

  • @anonan okey, I don't know how VPN feature is implemented and works at background in opera, but actually my previous message is just a suggestion 🙂

  • I think people bother to take time to write here is to give valuable suggestions to Opera so it can explore how to make it work.
    But what i see is some smart people here quickly jump into defense and tell us it won't work.
    That, my friend, is the main difference in company philosophy between Google and Yahoo and see how those two companies land.

  • The idea of a built in VPN is great, but it needs a bit of tweaking.

    Not all sites visited require the use of VPN, and some sites out there won't recognize you if you don't use the IP you had when creating your account. Therefore it is important to make the VPN option site-specific; meaning that you would have the option to either turn it on globally with an exception switch on some sites or an option to switch it on on specific sites only...

  • I do see my self forgetting to switch off the VPN when im done with a particular site, and im sure the owners of the VPN will appreciate this feature as it saves lots of bandwidth..
    please like comment so it gets popular...