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Interstitial ads leads to loosing money in one click

  • Hello,

    I'm using Opera Mini browser on different platforms for around ten years.
    Country is Belarus and mobile carrier is Velcom all ten years.

    This week I have an issue with the ads in browser. Browser version is 18.0.2254.106542. It is ads for "Velcom apps club".

    I have 2 options in the ads screen: "Subscribe" and "back". The buttons are close to each other and sometimes I click Subscribe instead of back.

    Wrong subscription happened twice in five days. I unsubscribe immediately after subscribe and It is going to take around 1 USD (2 BYN) out of my balance each time I click wrong button.

    In Velcom, they recommended me to switch to Opera New or Opera Mobile. I didn't find what is Opera New in the Google Search but I know that Opera Mobile is not so good in saving traffic.

    Could you please help me with the following questions:

    1. What can I do to avoid clicking wrong button in Opera Mini ads?

    2. What is Opera New?

    3. What is alternative to Opera Mini which would save around 85-90 percent of my traffic?


  • No idea on 1, as I don't use Mini.

    I'll guess on 2 that they mean Opera Touch. Opera has 3 browser for Android - Opera Browser for Android (what you call Opera Mobile), Opera Mini, and Opera Touch. Opera Touch is intended to be used with 1 hand

    Opera Browser for Android does include a Data Savings mode in Settings; I am not aware of a similar feature in Opera Touch.

    Though if the options in your ad are Subscribe and Back, couldn't you use your phone's Back button instead of the one on the screen?

  • @sgunhouse I have Opera Mini as well as Opera Browser installed on my Android phone. Both have compression turned on and I feel like Opera Mini compresses my traffic several times better.

    Phone's back button leads to opening previous screen which is not very convenient since I may not remember the link I clicked on it. And the "back" button in Ads opens the page I wanted to view. However, thanks for the suggestion!

    1. There is an app called Opera News, mainly used in Africa.
  • Why are you using a very old version of Opera Mini? Current version is 40.

  • @leocg Just dislike updates for apps. Want to control what is downloaded and when. I don't handle a very secure information so I don't see a reason to update everything all the time.

    Do you think the Ads will disappear after update?

  • @leocg said in Interstitial ads leads to loosing money in one click:

    Opera News

    Thank you! Probably this is what they suggested. However, this is not a browser as I understand.

  • Don't know because I don't know who is responsible for them.

  • Okay, but avoiding updates for years also prevents you from getting security updates, what means that you may be highly vulnerable to data stealing, etc.