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Why does Opera keep asking if it should save autofill addresses that are already saved?

  • Let's see if I can post this after three days of trying to figure out how to post a new topic in the Opera Forums...

    I'm running Opera 58.0.3135.107 (which was the latest version a few days ago). I have several names and addresses saved to autofill online forms. The addresses fill most forms correctly, but when I have Opera autofill a form, most of the time it then asks if I want it to save the address. This isn't a case of asking to save a change, this is exactly the address that Opera already has saved and which it just used to fill a form.

    So far as I can tell, it makes absolutely no difference if I click "yes" or click "no" or just click the X to close the question. Regardless of which I do, Opera does the same thing again, the next time I fill in a form.

    One other thing that seems odd is that the bar which Opera posts at the top of the screen asking if I want to save the address isn't very prominent, so sometimes I don't even notice it until later.

  • Creating a topic here is kinda easy.

  • @leocg

    CREATING a topic is kinda easy, once you figure out the weird way the page is laid out - with no explanation of what goes where.

    Then once you do figure out how to create a topic, it doesn't accomplish anything because the forum gatekeepers don't allow questions to be posted. So far as I can see, questions get posted only if a gatekeeper has a snide remark they can post as an answer to insult the person for having a problem with their beloved Opera.

    For example, see the disgusting reply provided:

    For a second example of the kind of insulting snide remarks that are used instead of helpful support, look at YOUR reply to me

  • [Off-Topic]

    Sorry but it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to choose the category where you want to make your post and click on 'start new topic'.

    Regarding the 'first post needs moderation' policy, mentioned here, you should also have seen a message at the bottom right warning you about it.

    From the forum rules:

    Search before adding a new post or thread to see if the topic has already been covered.

    Believe me, I ignore that rule a lot.

    Regarding my previous reply, you made a comment about posting in the forums being something difficult and I replied saying that it's easy, simply that.


  • @leocg

    That's nice, but it's still not an answer to the overall problem -- and, so far as I can tell, my question STILL has NEVER appeared in the forum.

    So, it may be easy to enter a question, but it is totally useless to do so when there is no ******* help available and all anyone gets is snide remarks and insults instead of answers

  • You will get an answer to your question if and when someone has one to give.

    What I can think of at the moment is that one of fields is different and this is causing Opera to ask you to save it again. It could also be a bad file or profile.

    Did you try to empty the autofill entry and add it again?

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